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Hyperthyroidism, Anxiety

Well I'm 19 years old and only weigh about 120 pounds.  I've been a small kid my entire life.  Recently I have started to get very bad anxiety attacks and I get sick and throw up. I've always had a problem, when I was younger, if i had to do anything out of the ordinary, I would get very anxious and get sick.  Recently it has gotten alot worse.  A year ago my girlfriend of 4 years and I broke up and I noticed that my anxiety got alot worse and still is pretty bad.  And everytime i see her, my heart starts to race and i get heat flashes and feel really sick.  I never got that before when i was around her and even after a year of being broken up when i see her my anxiety gets really bad.  I went to the doctors and they prescribed me 20 mg of Prozac and 20 mg of Busporine for the anxiety.  It helped a little bit.  Like i could tell that the medicine was helping me calm down, but i still continued to get anxiety attacks and they normally happen in the morning and then im just worn out and tired the rest of the day.  I saw her again while being on the medication and the same thing happened, i got very uneasy and sick and left.  I went back to the doctors and told them that the medication was helping, but i still have a severe case of anxiety.  The doctor decided to have me get blood work done and it recently came back that i have hyperthyroidism.  I'm going to go see a specialist sometime this week, but i just wanted an input.  Is my hyperthyroidism contributing to my anxiety? If i get it fixed will it help control my anixety so that i could possibly see my ex without getting anxious and sick. What can be done to help control or stop my anxiety so that i can do things without getting anxious.
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Yes the hyperthyroidism can affect your general level of anxiety which makes any pre-existing anxiety more difficult to deal with.  The medications you are on are quite good but may not be sufficient to deal with the specific situation of your ex-girlfriend.  In order to master that you will have to understand what you are feeling and why you are feeling it and the only way to do that is to begin a course of psychotherapy.  That will help you more with your lifelong anxiety than any medication.
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Hi Bob,

I'm a 54 year old male,

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 1974.  Weight loss, tough time sleeping, emotional, some hair loss (not drastic), shaky when hungry.

My doctor removed part of my thyroid, which corrected my problem temporarily.  By 1980, I had a re-growth and my doctor removed my thyroid completly.

Since then, I have been on synthroid .125mg (Thyroid hormone).  My metabolism has been quite stable.  I have a blood test yearly to make sure I am getting the right amount.

During all this time, I've had mild depression (General anxiety disorder).   Trouble with female relationships didn't help matters.

I've been easily distracted by circumstances most of my life.  But when I can concentrate... watch out!  I can figure out almost anything.

About two years ago, I told my doctor about my difficulty in concentrating.  He suggested I take Lexapro 10 mg.  It was the first time I had ever taken this kind of medication.  It helped tremendously.  But I was having a little weight gain so I tried cutting the pills in half (5mg).  The weight gain problem is gone and I still feel great.
By the way, I told my doctor I was cutting them in half.  Also, I order them online. Much cheeper.

Your attitude on life makes a big difference in how you feel. You've got to engage in activities that give you a since of accomplishment.  Find something you are good at.  Something that is useful and not too expensive.  Maybe even volunteer to help someone in need simply because you want to be helpful.  Don't expect anything in return. This is a Christian characteristic.

Take a serious look at the world around you.  Nature, animals, bioligy.  It's all very complicated.  It all points to a designer.

Get a Bible and read the book of John and if you've never done so... make a personal decision to believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him.

You can reach me at ***@****

Yes, my name is also Bob
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