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Hi,  I have been diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition.  Three years ago I gained about 30 pounds in about 6 months, this prompted me to see the Doc.  I am curently taking Synthroid (I can't remember the dosage. .150?) and the wieght gain has stopped.  I've been dieting with negative results.  I can lose about 8 pounds and that's it.  I've also started to weight train about 4 times a week also with a cardio work out as well.  My question is this: can I take supplements such as Prolabs Thyro-stack to increase my fat burning potential with out any side affects.  I know when dieting, the body's metabolism slows down as a natural reaction to conserve body fat for survival.  I've been training hard with a good diet for 5 months, my muscles are responding well but nothing is coming off the waste.  My Stats are:  29 yrs old, Male, 5'9", white, 210 pounds.  Any help would be great.  Thank you
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D. Murphy,

         This question is out of the realm of topics covered in this forum.  In general weight loss requires exercise at a moderate level for 40-60 minutes minimally 4 days a week; cardivascular exercise is much better for weight loss than weight training.  Good luck.



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i dont think i am hypothyroid.i do know i have no thyroid it has cancer in it and now my cloesterol is too high. i am 25 is it a bad move at my gave to be on colsesterol meds at my age
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