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Is my friend on Zyprexa or Crystal Meth

I'm very concerned about a friend. I recently spent a few days with him, and noticed disturbing behavior and health problems. Here's the quick list-

1.Profuse sweating
2.Appetite Problems - no real food, ate candy constantly
3.Sleep Problems - erratic sleep patterns
4.Passing out - eyes would roll back, he'd start to fall over
5.Repetitive Actions - Looked like OCD-type actions - scraping food, excessive scrubbing of dishes
7.Skin Problems - Carried oxy pads everywhere, had scabs on feet & elbows
8.Memory problems - losing things, forgetting conversations
9.Behavior - Agitated, acted superior, entitled
10.Illness - has had chemical pneumonia twice in the last 3 months, also experienced 3 hours of lower-half paralysis about 3 months ago.
11.Suspicious ties with a friend - Stays in contact with a friend who is very sickly, losing weight (apparently works at a restaurant but only eats rolls), and got chemical pneumonia at the exact same time.

Some other things:
1.He has increaded biliruben
2.Possibly decreased libido (not having sex with wife of 9 weeks)

These are all listed as side effects of Zyprexa.  Also, methamphetamine abuse.

Before he told me he was on zyprexa, I was certain he was on meth. I consulted with the local drug rehab facility and described the above, and they sounded certain it was meth. But after I confronted him about a "drug problem," he sent me an e-mail saying he has been "trying to get off zyprexa for a few weeks."  

Questions, comments? Thanks.
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