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Is this anexity?

I wieghed 324 lbs on Jan 4th. I decieded to lose wieght.  I started of the morning with exercising and for some reason tested my blood sugar with my wife's test kit.  It read 142.  I keep checking every couple of minutes and it kept going up.  I was so scared.  I went to my doctors office and he told me to lose wieght and then in three months he would do a test.  I joined wieght watchers and have lost 32lbs as of last week.  But I am still so scared.  I want to rejoin the military and am scared of having diabetes. A few days after that eposide I had numbing sensations in my face.  I saw my doctor and he said it was anexity. It happened again and went to the emergency room and they did a cat scan, MRI/MRA with contrast blood test urine everything .  Tests showed I was alright. They said I was fine just anexity.  Thyroid was good too.  A few days later I started thinking about getting sick with diabetes and had a huge panic attack.  My arms and legs felt real weak and I though I was having going to die.  Went to hosiptail, everything was alright. Even all the times I went to the hospital my blood sugar was normal.  The doctor gave me some busphar but I got sick from it. He gave me some adavan which I take once in a while/  But I don't want drugs, I want to solve this my self.  While all this is going on my wife is opening a gym.  When I went to the gym last week, the back of my legs felt weakby just walking through the front door.. I started execrsing some and I got cramped up.  That was from being stupid.  But I saw doctor about my legs feeling weak.  He said it could be caused by anexity and losing wieght.  My arms feel weak and so do my legs.  I can walk and lift things find, it just feels that way.  my back hurts, hands and feet get cold sometime. When i tried relaxing my muscles at night in bed will drifitng off I my leg jerked. That happend a few nights ago and gave me a cramp in my thigh. I'll feel better when i am active with something but i get anxoious when my mind wanders and when I look up syptoms on the internet.  I am going to see someone about accupunture tommorrow to helpme feel better.  My legs and arms and and toes and sometime cramp up. Feet and hand get cold sometime.  I am pretty sure I will feel better by eating right , exercising and losing wieght like i have been that when I take this test for diabetes showing I dont have it.  My wife has a new business and is depending on my for $ and support.  I am under a lot of pressure.  But now with these muscle soreness, I worry about the that now.  I have taken every test and read about other people experience and know this is all probably anexity, but should I just work through it?  Keep my mind focused and ignore the muscle weakness/soreness? Is this normal?  Is there anything I could do to make my self feel better whithout taking a drug?  Thanks.
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Your chances of having diabetes diminish drastically as you lose weight,,,in fact weight loss is actually a cure for diabetes.  Yes this could all be anxiety and probably is.  Here's why I think that.  In order to be 324 lbs. you have had to be an emotional eater...eating for emotional hunger rather than physical hunger.  That became a protective mechanism for you.  You are wise to try to give it up, but when you do, the anxiety you have been suppressing comes up to be dealt with in a healthier way.  I strongly enocurage you to look at www.masteringfood.com.  that is where we help you break the addicition to food by getting insight into your emotional hunger  and psychological defenses so you can master both your weight and your mind at the same time.
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its anxiety.. just deep breaths and relax..congrats on the weight loss so far..that should be your motivation that your taking good steps to get healthy
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Yes, congrats on the weight loss. If you want to keep losing weight, I would try and stay away from medication and try natural methods of diminishing anxiety. Breathing and relaxation techniques would help the best. From experience with SSRI's such as Zoloft and Lexapro they both made me gain 20+lbs of weight. When I went off of them I lost all the weight. A lot of doctors are stating it slows your metabolism (so I Read). I'm not a professional I just know from recent experience that I faced.
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Man your living my life.My anxiety/panic is just as you have posted.I have been going with this for about 6yrs.My doctor has me on xanax and last week he gave me prozac to try.This anxiety is a heard habit to kick but I hope we all can find away out. Hang in there get your doctor to work with you to get a handle on it as early as you can.I wish I would have found the Doctor I have now sooner befor it got so inbeded.Good luck and hang in there
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I just felt compelled to reply to your story cause it is almost exactly what i went through.  I was really sick for about 9 months and the doctors had me on paxil and ativan for about 2 but they only made me worse.  I was in the emergency room 6 times in 2 months and was seeing 2 doctors a week for about 6 months.  I was having all the symptoms your having,  I also had a lot of nausea and vomiting and chest pains.  I am totally against drugs now and I dont take anything, not even tylenol.  I started getting myself better the natural way by getting the fearful negative thoughts out of my head and replacing them with positive thoughts, although that was very hard at first and I didnt think it would work. after a few months of doing that I started noticing a change.  I also started eating really healthy and doing yoga, mediating, taking  some herbs occasionally and doing things i enjoy.  one of the things I realized was that I had become extremely fearful and weak.  It takes a while to rewire your brain but its definetly possible. Now when i start to have symptoms I just do deep breathing and remember that its only the adrenaline flowing through my body and that I can control the symptoms and they go away.  I notice that if im doing something I enjoy like taking classes that I like or spending time with friends and family I dont have symptoms.  It took a long time to get to where you are and its going to take a while to get out, but you just have to be strong and try to be happy and most importantly remember thats its your fear thats causing your anxiety and you can get it under control
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anxiety yes well i know it now.  I actually feel like i am a 100 years old i have thankfully found out that this anxiety i am feeling is i would say zoloft.  About 30lb later i have just got it together to do a to do list. Self talk, self talk all will be well i am concerned that i will never be the same.  i should never have gone on zoloft in the first place.  relationship problem and i thought it was an easy way out to cope in the moment.  what i did not realise was that i was sinking further and further from everything.  i plan less and do just what i can otherwise i have three million plans in my head enough.....  Oh yes and the pain i have now is extreme is it anxiety,pain,tiredness,going from size 8 to 14 in a few months, is it the sweats,dry mouth, lack of sexual desire  hmm i wonder what is making me anxious.  i am 38 was fit and healthy but crashed a little with an end to a relationship.
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