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Keppra as a mood stabalizer

I have posted several time and just wanted to say I really like this service you provide.
A little background: I'm 27 and have a diagnosis of OCD with obessions about injuring children, mental rituals and cutting rituals to neutralize these thoughts. Also, I have boughts of depression that are usually short-lived (usually not longer than a day...) and very intense. At 19 I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder (with an EEG). I stopped taking meds and was seizure free until a couple of months ago when I think I had a few simple partial seizures. CUrrently I'm taking 50 mg of Prozac and 500 mg of Keppra. Since begining Keppra I have noticed a wonderful improvement in my ability to sleep through the night (I was waking up at two in the mornign and doing laundry, watching TV or work because I couldn't go back to sleep) and decreased feelings of restlessness and "hyperness" and my "moodiess" have all but disappeared. I feel great! While researching this medication on my internet I noticed it is being studied for effectiveness in the treatment of Bipolar. My mother has Bipolar II. Could the mood stabilizing effects that I've had since starting Keppra be an indication that I have Bipolar II? Also, do you use Keppra with Bipolar patients? If you do, what is the usual dose when beign used as a mood stabilizer? (I assume is is lower that the dose used to control seizures.) Also, psychosis is listed as a side effect.... is this a frequent occurance? (I can due with out the hallucinations!) Thank-you in advance!
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Elizabeth, I do not personally prescribe this medication, but if your doctor gave it to you for seizures, it will have a mood stabilizing effect since most seizure medications do, and some have even been adopted for bipolar.  But the fact that it works for you does not mean that you are bipolar.  On the other hand, if your mother is bipolar, it may work for her just because it works as a mood stabilizer.  I don't know anything about the frequency of psychosis and doubt that is common. You can ask that question of your doctor, the pharmacist, or the manufacturer.
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