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Lexapro Help!!

I was put on lexapro 6 days ago by my PD for anxiety.  I have also been on Xanax 1MG XR for 10 days.  I took 5mg Lexapro for 4 days.  Each day I felt very anxious, as if I had 20 cups of coffee, I had a difficult time focusing and I felt like I was in a complete fog or intoxicated.  Needless to say, this was horrifying and I quit taking it after 4 days.  

1 day after I quit taking the drug a very scary incident occured.  I was typing on my laptop and watching TV, when I felt a sensation on the back right side of my head and I completely blanked out for a brief second and it took a second to get oriented.  I also felt a hot snsation in my chest.  

I went to the ER, they did all the blood tests, CT-SCAN, EKG, etc and everything was normal.  They have scheduled an EEG to make sure eveyrthing is ok, but they think it may be a reaction or withdrawl effect to the Lexapro or a mild seizure (which they doubt).  

I am not going to take another SSRI again, they scare the heck out of me.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  I would appreciate any feedback as I'm a bit scared.

Thank You.
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same answer
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Anybody try Clarocet or herbal remedies to combat anxiety or depression.  Has anybody had success.
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Yes, Lexapro does do that at first. Think of it this way it is your brains attempt to readjust the levels of Seretonin in your brain. Also the side effects do go away after a week or so.
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