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Lexapro Withdrawal

I was diagnosed as having GAD and Panic Disorder about 4 years ago.  After trying a few different medicines, Lexapro was a saving grace for me.  I have been on 10mg for about 3 1/2 years and decided about 10 days ago to come off the drug cold turkey because I never had a weight problem and gained 50 lbs since I started taking Lexapro.  I thought it was time to try to come off it and see how a feel because I am in my early 30s and have young kids and wanted to feel good abour myself again and lose the weight.  Well, the first few days off of Lexapro were pretty good and then on about day 5, I started to feel HORRIBLE.  I was sweating horribly, had a constant headache and nausea.  I was so dizzy.  It has just been a disaster.  I am on day 13 now and the sweating is not as bad, but I still have the nausea and mild headache most of the day.  The only time I feel ok is when I am in bed.  When will this end?
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As you now know you should not have gone off of the medication so abruptly. You probably have another week before you will feel more normal. if that does not happen you should go on small doses of the medication every second or third day and then taper off.
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Nobody can tell you that.  Some swim through it, some never finish going through it. You should have tapered slowly with the help of your psychiatrist.  Some people find fish oil helps with withdrawal; some also report that taking 5htp helps as well.  If the withdrawal begins to turn to emotional problems, then you might want to go back on it and taper more slowly.  If it stays purely physiological, it will probably pass eventually, but how soon no one can predict for you.  And I'm not the doctor, just a member.
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