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Loss of memory, time...?

I have in the past and present experienced difficulty with my memory.  It seems to be increasing lately though.  I had various nuerological tests performed when I was younger and showed no abnormalities.  What has me concerned now is that I feel as though I am "losing time".  I tend to do things or walk (at home or work) and not know where i am going or why.  The other day I sent a document to the printer at work, but I went to go get it, i infact went to the time card and took my card and was about to punch out when a co-worker asked me where i was going and it was like I "snapped out of it".  I didn't know I was there doing that, i felt myseld going somewhere, but was not aware of where.  I have had instances where i have gotten up to do something or call someone and completely forgotten why.  but this was different and it has been happening a little more often.  I was on the phone with my cousin and i could hear his voice but not what he was saying, yet I was responding to him and till today I cannot remember what the conversation was about.  My Psychiatrist suggested that I see a nuerologist (I am currently in treatment of moderate depression and taking Zoloft) would that have anything to do with this?  Should I be concerned?

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It seems you are concerned about the difficulties that you have been having with your attention, concentration, and memory. Without evaluating you and obtaining further history, it will be difficult for me to make a diagnosis. You may find it helpful to consult your primary care physician for a thorough medical evaluation. If medical causes (such as hypothyroidism or vitamin B-12 deficiency) are not found, it would be reasonable to have neurological or neuropsychological evaluation of your symptoms. Depression may cause diminished attention, concentration, and memory, which usually improve once the depression is treated.
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