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Low dose treatment with prozac

Dear Sir:
I am on prozac 10 mg. a day and I take it at bedtime.  I know it would not be considered therapeutic and I thought maybe the benefit was placebo effect, however every time I discontinue the dose I have a return of symptoms after 5-8 days.  The symptom it seems to help most with is generalized joint and back pain that keeps me awake at night.  My family doctor said I had a thyroid disorder (after lab tests) and my ANA titer was up but the thyroid alone did not relieve the symptoms.  I self diagnosed depression and he humored me.  Along with the reduced joint pain I benefit by sleeping  better, improved mood, and improved energy.  Recently I lost my beloved sister to esophogeal cancer, diagnosed in July with death( after surgery of ARDS) in December.I am having a hard time with her death.  I have nightmares and feel that I should have done more to help her.  She was treated at Mayo Clinic and had no risk factors ie no smoking, drinking, she was 51 and an "ideal" patient.  My question, do I need to increase the dose of prozac or live with this feeling of unreality, apathy,poor concentration and all the rest.  I am 50, work fulll time and coworkers would deny my work is effected but I know it is.  Thank you for you time. Ada
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Dear Ada,

My sympathy to the loss of your sister.

The normal dose of Prozac is 20mg per day. It is not uncommon to feel the benefits at a lower dosage. Some patients are maintained at 10mg/day, others may need 40-50mg/day.
Prozac and other antidepressants have been found to be helpful in reducing chronic pain.
It is best to discuss your concerns with your physician.  If you are feeling depressed, you may consider seeing a therapist or psychiatrist.

Best Wishes,


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