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my question is about my wacko mood swings....ive done research on the subject , but have come up empty handed...
what i experience is not defined in any clinical way that i can see....it does not fit the criteria for bipolar or cyclothymia..
i have constant mood swings, but they are usually in the course of one day...i am 22 years old and have suffered from this since i was a teenager....sometimes it happens in the course of a week where a few days in one week i feel very up, figity and full of pent up energy...where i even have trouble sleeping at night...then i am just normal for a few days,then a few days i am very blue...not exactly depressed (although sometimes it is close), but pretty down...
sometimes these swings happen all in one day though...where for an hour i feel really blue, and then all of a sudden i have too much energy.....im just confused about what all of this means....
my father suffered from manic depression (weve never met, though) and my mother has her own problems....
i do know that i have a bit of SAD, and also anxiety problems...ive only suffered one panic attack in my life, though, which happened about a year ago, and it was because of stress about school...
if anyone has any imput please let me know what you think...
thank you

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