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Major Anxiety Attack, Advise Needed Desperately.

40, M., the only boy and youngest in a loving family, happily married for 14 years with two daughters, I always had difficulties maintaining a long enough night sleep.
I have been through –possibly- worst difficulties, non, effected me this way.
I have HSV1&2, last outbreaks; 02/May/06 and 23/SEP/08.
I suffer from high cholesterol, discovered in 2006.
In mid 2007 had my first kidney stone attack, have been to the ER a number of times, did two procedures; ESWL and ureteroscopy in may, started producing more stones (pain).
Post ureteroscopy pain lasted for two month, during which I took Buscopan, Cataflam and Tramadol once at night, stopping Tramadol -cold turckey- caused sleeplessness, took Ambien, it helped.
My dad is on dialysis for kidney failure, sold our house and bought another; works on it don’t seem to end.
In July 2008 my wife and I tried for another baby via in vitro, initially worked, than miscarried around 05/SET/08.
In early august I purchased an expensive car, was a difficult decision, truly depressed me, as I had high expectations for enjoying life but material didn’t seem to help, shortly after I had a short bout of dizziness, dry cough and feeling of emptiness.
On 11/SEP/08 I was very stressed and sick with flu like symptoms, GP prescribed Cipro.
Researching symptoms online (fever, headache, dizziness, dry cough, oral thrush & penile yeast infection –post Cipro.- and my last HSV outbreak) keep on leading me to believe that I contracted HIV, deep depression and anxiety took over, did 4 and 8 weeks post possible exposure tests, results; negative, online experts confirmed I couldn’t have contracted it.
Most symptoms disappeared; still have fluctuating dizziness, same amount of oral thrush and penile yeast infection.
Expert’s assurance comforted me for few days, anxiety recommenced due to reviewing the conflicting online HIV theories, I lost interest in pleasure, my life revolves around HIV, I don’t know what to do, please help.
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I  answered this last week but apparently it was not posted...the problem you are having now is a health obsession which probably is an unconscious mental mechanism that covers over your real life anxiety.  The only way to get through that layer is by some form of psychotherapy, and that is what you should pursue before this obession becomes a full blown depression.
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