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Medication choices for manic manifestations

My mother has been diagnosed and treated for bipolar disorder, as have my niece and my daughter.  To date my adult daughter has been medicated with Prozac for the depressive incidents only. She has always been a perfectionist and a multitasker. However, lately her manic tendancies, manifested by an inability to relax and an excessive need to plan for the future are leaving her forgetful of her activities in the present.  After a recent meeting with her psychiatrist she was prescribed a low dosage of ritalin.  I have never heard of this medication for bipolar disorder, is it new?  What is your opinion of this treatment?
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It is not the usual medication for that but sometimes is used for attention deficit, and that may be the psychiatrist's working diagnosis at this time.  If its true bipolar, the Prozac is actually contraindicated.
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Yeah supposively doctors aren't suppose to prescribe SSRI's (Prozac is one) because of mania issues. A couple of my friends have been prescribed SSRIs with Mood Stablizers. Just keep an eye on her and if you see any signs of violence or hatred towards family or herself then contact your doctor right away. I've had problems in the family with this sort of stuff before.
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