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Medications aren't working for me......

I've tried over 9 ssri's, does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can  take for anxiety and panic attacks?  I'm desperate at this point.....please any suggestions

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the ssri's are not really the best for anxiety and panic.  Ask your doctor about medications like klonopin or xanax. You should also try psychotherapy.
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I have had a hard time finding the right medication for me as well for the last 7 years due to my sensitivity to side effects.
Finally I was tried on 225 mg of effexor and my symptoms disappeared.
I have also had luck with zyprexa , loxipine, paxil and cymbalta.
Geodon was truly the best though but the side effects of heart related symptoms were just too intense for me physically.
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Thank you so much for your response.  My doctor tried me on Effexor, only 10mg and it made me shake so bad...this works for you and such a high dosage?  I hate taking medication all together, right now the meds that I'm on aren't for me and I'm going to be taking something that people take for seizures, they think this may help me because of my allergic reactions.

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