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Medications for Depression

I am 59 years old married to the same man for 35 years March 1, 2004.  In Sept. 97 I was dx by my psychiatrist, Dr. Brenda Keefer in Ft. Myers as depressed.  I took Zyloft 100 mg for 4 years then it stopped working so we tried Celexa, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, and finally Effexor.  I actually took myself off all of it for 4 months in 2003 and was fine.

On 12/29/03 Dr. James Boorstin (akaChemical Jim the medication Wizard) told me I wasn't depressed - I was bi-polar.  I was ok with that because so are most other people who are very successful in life.  The problem was he also insisted that I am a drunk.  I refused to stop medicating myself with red wine and fun alcohol drinks he refused me treatment.  He told me that 75mg of Effexor was not even therapeutic for a pediatric patient and to just throw the stuff away.  I did.

Dr. Michael Geraughty PhD. administered the BECK & MMPI tests when I was an inpatient at NCH (Naples hospital) and told me I was neither a drunk or depressed/b-polar.  He said like a good Irish PhD. would, that I'm a high functioning successful female executive of Irish desent who has successfully self medicated herself for stress for 40 years.

Dr. Knaupp (at least 70 years old), weekend Psychiatrist at the David Lawrence Center, said the reason so many MD's have wanted to give me meds (and how many and what you would not believe!) is because I'm a scarey female of 59 years who intimidates most men.  He said it's been so long since they've seen a "normal" woman of my age that they don't recognize them  He's my hero!  He also said that were it not for my self medication which by the way also includes Benedryl for sleep - I just might be dead - not by my own hand because my "character was too strong" but because of the adverse effects of the medications on my brain.

By the way, they also put me on Zyprexa and Depacote for my "bi-polar disorder" and rx'd Aleve on top of Aspirin and Motrin.

I'm showing all the syptoms of bi-polar and they're saying I've had a stroke.  My CT and my MRI show zip.  What do you think?  Should I go see someone new? Go to AA? or keep up the good work?

Also, 1 PhD friend in Minnesota, Buzz McKown, 1 MD Shrink/Pharmacologist named Tempkin and 1 ARNP named Eileen Stanton swear I am b1-polar 1 and need trileptal and depacote for my manic episodes.

My husband Larry J. Kelly has agreed to consider your answer instead of leaving me because my life is way to "chaotic" for him right now.

Mary Ellen Kelly
VP Human REsources Rochester NY & Naples FL 40 yrs ret 2000
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If you are bipolar, most of the antidepressants that are ssri's can make it worse, so zyprexa and depacote sound right.   If your life is too chaotic for both of you, I would try a combination of those medications and some good therapy.  Maybe you can be interesting and alive, but a  little bit more in control.
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Stop drinking---if you can't, get REAL help.  I self medicated my ADD and depression with alcohol for 30 years (I'm 54). I finally quit (over three years ago).   It has really helped me mentally and physically and improved ALL of my relationships.  Quitting (together with a good whole body detox & exercise) inspires confidence (a mission ACCOMPLISHED) and forms the strong physical basis for mental health.  Good luck.
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I am recovering from dual addictions (alcohol/Drugs of any kind). Due to some serious spinal problems, I continue to battle my addiction with prescribed pain killers. I drank and drugged for over 17 years, and in 1984 I made a life saving decision, and promise to myself, that through the grace of God, I've kept up and until now.

I am 53 years old, and in fairly good health. The savage drug, alcohol, will literally disintegrate your internal organs faster, and with more devastation than heroin. When I heard that statement at a treatment center, I was astonished, and yet it would not have phased me in the least when I was in my addiction (Self-Medicating). You see, I was not afraid to die, and my attitude in those days was the typical, "it can't happen to me" attitude. However, I feared something much more scarier than death, and that was a mental or physical impairment that might cripple me to a point, that all I did was exist.

The thought of dealing with the incredible pain associated with cirrosis of the liver, continuos strokes, seizures, renal failure, congestive heart failure, or any other damage that came from self-medicating was overwhelming.Certainly, the mind and body may succomb to those ailments as we get older, but I made a decision that I would no longer contribute to that cause by Drinking booze, the number one killer in the United States, and in many other countries. Continuing to drink it seems to me, is simply a sign of insanity.

Three years ago I was diagnosed as being Bi-Polar. My disease invaded my life suddenly, and with no mercy. I could not imagine living the rest of my life in the condition I was in, and yet I was afraid to end my own life. The mental anguish I experienced is beyond description, and I would suffer through continous drug regiments for a year, before the right combination was discovered. I came to learn several things about this disease. Self medicating, which I did for years, would prove to be disastrous. In fact, my alcohol abuse, or use if you prefer, was probably one of the contributing factors to the severity in which my Bi-Polar disease attacked me three years ago.

It never ceases to amaze me how the drug, alcohol, can take an intelligent, reasonable person into to the realm of insanity. Why else would someone continue to self-medicate (get drunk) when the consequences are so detrimental to the mental and physical well being of a person. So, consider that this same person has been diagnosed with a very dangerous disease of the mind, and this person continues to self-medicate, and mix it with medications that can react violently with alcohol. In my opinion, it seems that insanity is the only descriptive word I can use.

I was very selfish when I self-medicated. You see, I did not fear death while under the influence, and I always felt capable of driving while medicated. But I guess the disregard for someone else's life while driving may be construed as selfish. I would also suggest that the total disregard for the feelings of loved ones, and how my self-medicating was affecting their lives is certainly selfish, and definately insane.

I wonder how long it takes for some of us to grow up, and respect ourselves enough to live life for the joy that is there for the taking. Instead some of us decide to live life as irresponsible adults, deceiving ourselves, and making our exitence a complete travesty. There came a point in my life when I realized I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Today, I choose to live for Christ, and refuse to kill myself any longer. Life can really be precious when the right perspective is put on it. I sincerely hope that the recipient of this response can find the serenity and peace that comes with sobriety, and a belief system that includes Christ. I was angry with myself and God for years, but I would not find happiness until I reconciled my differnces. I'll pray for you and your loved ones.         God Bless You...
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I have bi polar
I have been diagnose for a short time now
but have had this simple illness my whole life
sure with that being said
I am on riddlin now I been on depakote cyprexa lexapro before
my dr is experimenting with me because I don ttalk much
Im so down and my moodswings are very severe
I know it  is
different for everyone
I know but I believe I need a mood stab pil and a anti deppr I am sure
any suggestions for a combonation
I see my doc next week

my email address is
if u like to email me
I am hoping to meet someone who has experince in this field you dont have to
be professional
even if u know someone with bi polar like
me I am just curious whatthey are taking and how its working I need a suggestion to
run across my doc
he depends on me and I dont talk much
so much racing thoughts etc commen plz
I lokk forward

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hi my name i s Tim I am taking riddlin for my bipolarits not
helping any suggestions on a combo of anti depp and mood stabl I should
suggest to my doc
because he is a new doc and I am his new patient
I was told I was bi polar years back but just now been getting things up to par
what should I take for bipolarsuch as a combo which include
a mood stabilizer pill and a anti depress
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please  help me thank you
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