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Meds. interaction

Has anyone ever heard of Topral XL (for BP) being the CAUSE of
INCREASED BP when used with Zoloft, Effexor or Lexapro? My BP went UP each time the Dr. increased the Topral XL, ironically.
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You will have to study the find print of each of these medications to answer that question, or ask your physician or a pharmacist who has access to a drug  interaction database.  There are so many possibilities, but since these medications operate on the central nervous system, it is possible that they can raise your blood pressure.
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that's weird... theoretically those 2 drugs can interact but i'd think it would be the opposite effect... talk to your doctor or pharmacist about it.

if your depression started after you went on the toprol, that could be what's causing it. if that is the case you could talk to your doctor about switching to something that crosses into your brain less like atenolol.

note: im not a doctor
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The day after I posted the question (3-2-06) I went back on Lexapro instead of Zoloft and started taking 1/4 the amount of Toprol XL. I also stopped an anti-inflametory, ETODOLAC. Appearently the ETODOLAC was the major culprit but I was also told that the effects of Toprol DOUBLE when taken with ZOLOFT! All I know is that I feel 90% better than I did 4 days ago! Thanks for your input.  Even the doctors can't predict all the possible interactions.  OH, THESE GLORIOUS GOLDEN YEARS !
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