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Meds not working

I am about to give up.  I have suffered from chronic refractory major depression for over 15 years.  Doctors have tried medication from all the classes - tricyclics, SSRI, lithium, tegretol (plus combinations) and even an MAOI.  Currently I am on Wellbutrin and Seroquel.

Some of the medications work for a short while.  Others don't do anything whatsoever even at high dosages.  I have had ECT (up to 9 treatments at a point) and we have also tried maintenance ECT.  I benefited but it didn't last.  Psychiatrist said if Wellbutrin (new) still not working in 3 weeks time need to change again.

I have been in psychotherapy for about 8 years.  Have grown much from the experience but the depression doesn't recede.

I don't know how to go on trying to fight the feelings of hopelessness, misery, worthlessness and being suicidal all the time.

Is there anything left to try?
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Ask your psychotherapist to arrange a consultation with another therapist of his or her choice. Sometimes a consultation helps set a new course for you and your therapist, that might be more age or situation specific than the course you are on.

another thought is family therapy.  That also can set a new course.
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i, feel your pain, and i will say after about the ame amount of time i found zyprexa! wondoerful drug that slows me down and makes me think before i goe into this state od depression! i think us with fights with depression have a bad thing happen and we become accustom to naturally going back to depression? sad to say but we understand it and come to a regular state to only accept it when something happens? yes zyprexa is a wonder drug and his for frenea, but is a proven drug for bipolar, i sugest reading some books on bipolar and make up you own thoughts? if you take antidepressants and feel more prone to drink, ill certainly say you are bipolar and shoul stop taking any and all anti depressants.

ive been there and taken all if not every colored pill they make, if its not working and for only a short period, stop and regroup! zyprexza was my answer.....good luck
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i read my post and really misspelled bad, sorry?!!! but tel you doctor its not working, and any good doctor knows an anti takes upto 60 days to work! i went through the same changes every few weeks and totally screwed me up. you know and if all doesnt work afer 15 years drive a hundred miles to find the wright doctor! stay a week in the hospital to monitor you blood and take some test. you can beat this just remember you are the only one who knows what you feel and how to fix it! sometimes its not all about a perfect pill!!!!
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HELP!  i am single parent with four children ages 7 to 13.  i am on meds and so are 3 children.  lithium, seroquel, wellbutrin, ativan and/or klonopin, restoril, concerta, celexa, respridol,adderall ER, zyprexa and prozac collectively.  my family is falling apart.  two sons 9 and 7 need placement due to my inability to care for them i need hospitalization and i dont know what to do.  i suffered extreme side effects on lithium 300lbs no hair etc, etc.  my son has tried to kill self and siblings, everyone is failing in school and i dont know what to do.  can someone help me.  we have all tried different meds none seem to help in or help little or last short while.  help
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Oh my goodness, who is taking what medicine for what type of problem? you need to talk to your doctor about this so he can steer you in the right direction. he would be much more equipped to assist you in this matter unless you get a responce from someone with a similar matter in which i hope you do but i feel you should act on this right away. family counceling is definately in order. you can try your local mental health association. they should definately be able to help you with options, like whom to call for medical assistance if you dont have any. there is foster care and with that your children  can get the counciling they need especially the child that tried to kill himself and the other kids. just until you can help yourself. i hope im not sounding too cruel but you really need to get yourself well. if you just need someone to talk to, i am here for you. Dont hesitate. your children love you and they want to see mommy happy again as do you your children. take care.
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