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Modafinil for ADHD ?

I suffer from ADHD and I would like to know if Modafinil (Provigil, Modiodal) is effective for ADHD. Currently Modafinil
is used in the treatment of hypersomnia associated with narcolepsy. Since it has stimulating properties and is safer than
Ritalin, it would be an ideal alternative. Is there any literature on its potential use for ADHD ?


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Modafinil is a new drug FDA-approved for narcolepsy. There has been no studies published indicating its efficacy in the treatment of ADHD.
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I know of someone who takes Modafinil for the treatment of ADHD and I am told that it works. It does not have the side effects of the amphetamines, but if you take it too late in the day, it will allow you to stay awake. If you ly down in the dark to go to sleep however, you will go to sleep though it may be shorter than usual. If you take Ritalin now, you will prefer Modafinil once you have tried it. Just ask you regular physician to allow you to try it with a few samples. Check with your prescribing physician first and if he won't let you try it then tell your primary physician what you wish to do, and he may help you. Give your self a minimum of 24 hrs without the amphetamine. Take a friday off, and do not take the medication, until Sunday morning. Drink lots of non caffienated beverages or water to assist you system in flushing. (Discuss this with your physician, he may want you to use a different technique, or he may not have you wait. Start with 100 mg.s (half a 200 scored tablet in the a.m. and 100 mg.s 6 hrs later if you feel you symptoms taking over, you know your symptoms) and if you don't get the results move to 200 in the a.m., but no more without discussing it with your physician. It works, but you may not get the results you want because of you physical chemistry etc. Everyone else is different from you as you know. Good luck.
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