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Muscle movements not smooth. Vibrating muscles. Anxiety?

34 year old healthy male.
Much stress entire life up to this point.
Around March 2004 I started noticing that my right thumb and pointer finger and my right foot big toe and next toe would get tingly or slightly numb several times a day for no reason.  This would last for around 30 minutes at a time, 5-10 times per day.  Right around this time I had much stress because of worrying if son would be born with Down Syndrome (he wasn't, thankfully).

Maybe a month later I started noticing that my hands and head would feel shaky and a constant feeling of tension, nervousness.  A nerve test showed that everything looked normal, with a slight carpal tunnel syndrome in right wrist, but not a big deal.

May 2004 baby was born healthy.  Some symptoms subsided but then reappeared full force around June.  Irregular heartbeats (which I've experienced for at least 8 years) reappeared, left sided chest pain (no heart problems-  checked at emergency room EKG's, blood tests, etc. ).  Tremulousness and slight shaking felt in hands and head again, numbness in hand and foot again.  

August 12, 2004 went to emergency room because of near syncopy.  Possible panic attack?  Wife and I were having a pleasant relaxing dinner at a restaurant and I suddenly felt dizzy, my head started tingling extremely, head got very cold, tingling progressed down neck, chest, arms, fingers.  Hands closed up so that thumbs were pressed up against other fingers and I couldn't really open my hands.  Did not hyperventilate.  Went away after 15-20 minutes.  Emergency room visit did all tests: EKG, blood work, everything looked normal.  Suggested follow up with my doctor or neurologist.

MRI of brain completed end of August.  Everything normal.  Exclude MS.  I felt better.  Neurologist suggested seeing a counselor or therapist.

September 2004 began seeing a therapist.  A week later, current symptoms occuring (see below).

Mornings in bed:
When turning over, very aware of heartbeat, feels like low-level electric current running in upper body (chest, arms).  Like a constant vibration or slight shaking, not outwardly visible, but internally felt.  Subsides after 2-3 minutes of deep breathing.  Occasional sporadic muscle twitches.  At worst, feels like bed or floor is vibrating.  Basically, whenever I try rolling over or moving while lying down in bed, I experience muscle shaking or a feeling that there is not a smooth motion by the muscles.

Muscle twitches: 2 days of left tricep, one day of right bicep.  Sometimes in bed various small twitches of various body parts.

Constant feeling of muscle movements not being smooth:  Slightly jagged movements, not usually outwardly visible.  Can be any muscle in body.  Most noticeable are ankles, wrists, thumb when moved by itself, but also arms, shoulders.  Very noticeable when moving while lying in bed.

Still experiencing slight tremors occasionally in thumbs or other fingers.

Can these current symptoms be attributed to anxiety? I feel awful.
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yes, severe anxiety...ask your therapist about anxiolytic medication along with talk therapy.
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If you have had all those tests run and they were all negative, it is definitely anxiety.  I had almost the exact same symptoms several years ago and was diagnosed with anxiety.  I had the tremors, muscle shakiness, vibrating feeling, panic and all.  There is help out there.  Find a good Dr. and get into therapy and possibly meds to help you get stabilized.  I am not a Dr. but it sounds like Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).  

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G'day Chmp all the way from the other side of the world!
Im a 25 yrs Male First of all I have been experiencing a weird vibrating feeling, very hard to explain in words because it is such an unusual sensation and 90% of the time you lie in bed trying to 'feel' what it is so you can better explain it. This has only been happening to me fotr the past 2 weeks. I have been suffering from generalised anxiety disorder for the past 6 months and have been to emergency rooms at least 5 times convinced that i was going to die from a heart related condition. I've had holter monitors, echograms and Ct-head scans, blood tests, urine tests,etc,etc. All have been good results.

How are you coping at work or with your day to day activities???
If it's any consolation, there are millions of people that experience these same feeling all over the world each day. What's even more concerning is that they are constantly feeling these. I am going to kiss the ground and thank God when I get over this.
I experienced all of these feeling when I was 2 months into a planned 2 year trip to the UK. I had to stop working in london and became bed ridden and saw Cardiologists, etc , etc. Eventually the cost of living became too much and I had to return home. On top of the stress I went through to get back home to Australia, thinking I was dying and would drop dead at Kuala lumpur or heathrow or mid-flight, i also had to come back and explain to all of my friends etc, why I was back sooo early!!More stress.
I started to feel about 60% after about 4 months of being home, and went out with some friends for an engagement party and I drank till the early hours of the morning and felt FINE whilst intoxicated, I got home and slept for 3 hours and then couldn't sleep anymore and my heart was doing all weird types of beats etc etc, I thought I was a gonner. That was 2 weeks ago, I have since developed the vibration feeling and a sudden loss of balance feeling (spilt second). I am a beleiver that all of this anxiety started in London, where i was away from friends and family and felt insignificant and smack bang in reality!!Possibly, this overwhelmed me and now i have GAD. This is what i think, anyway. I also think the key is to estsablish an equilibrium and to know your limits, get to know yourself - the real self. Identify what you want out of life and also realise that you got yourself into this somehow and you are able to get yourself out of it, through understanding what it actually is. ii ahve been reading about how high carb diets can increase anxiety symptoms and have just started a new diet which I'll post on the site once I've given it a chance to settle in.

All the best mate,

just realise that you are not alone in going through this tough time, but you WILL come out of this as a GURU that will be soooo in tune with yourself and surroundings that you will be able to add priceless value and support to those around you.
Apparently Cognitive BEHAVIOUR THERAPY  is a good way to re-programme your FEAR response mechanism. If you are experiencing a constant chronic stress, have a look on the net under - ADRENAL GLAND EXHAUSTION - very interesting. Another alternatoive is to see a GENERAL MEDICAL PHYSICIAN as they have a look at your body as a whole instead of a part e.g. cardiologist. Meditation is very good too. i am starting this next week and other people swear by it. Remember it's about re-programming and getting a clear thought pattern embedded.

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Thanks for the supportive comments!  I must say, I'm pretty nervous about how I'm feeling, which, I'm sure, doesn't help.

What bothers me the most is the fact that my muscles all over my body just don't feel right.  It's that feeling that when I move them very slowly, the movement is somehow jagged or not smooth- an interrupted motion.  Very slight, but still noticeable, especially to me.

Most recently I'm noticing when I outstretch my hands and then try to close them VERY slowly, I can see my fingers move in that jagged manner- especially my pinky finger of my right hand.  Somehow, the fingers also feel just barely stiff, like they don't want to move.

I saw my neurologist a couple days ago, and he says it's not Parkinson's.  That should make me feel better, but I'm just feeling the same.

Has anyone else experienced this muscle "stiffness" or jagged muscle movements as a direct result of anxiety?  By the way, I 'm not taking any medications...

It's so nice to have this support group.  

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Hi Shakyguy,
I have so similar story to tell that it's almost scary. 34 yo healthy male..problems started last spring..no medication..have seen neurologist..done all the blood tests..EMG..MRI of brain. Everything normal. You can read my story in earlier thread..
I have same kind of symptoms you're telling about.

"my muscles all over my body just don't feel right. It's that feeling that when I move them very slowly, the movement is somehow jagged or not smooth- an interrupted motion. Very slight, but still noticeable, especially to me."
I know EXACTLY what you mean. This stiffness or jagged muscle movement must be a result of anxiety. I know this for sure ( well, almost - I still have some anxiety left.. ) because:
- neurologist did clinical examination and told me not to worry

- secondly: if I take couple of beers I don't feel this muscle  stiffness and tension so badly..So alcohol gives some relief. Now, if I had MS or something else I can not believe this would be the case..

Also if I go jogging for half an hour it gives some relief from the muscle pain and tension.

How is it with you, Shakyguy? How does it affect your symptoms, alcohol and exercise I mean ? Not to say alcohol would be any kind of solution..
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Hey Shaky Guy
I too have very similiar symptoms.  I am a 34 year old female who has been dealing with this for about 7 years.  I have been to the ER, regular dr, cardiologist (I have PVC's), therapist and a psychiatrist.  Everyone says that it is anxiety.  I run and do yoga... trying everything that I think is possible to lessen the anxitey. I have taken Klonopin on occassion to lessen the effects but feel even more shaky when I take it now.  The psychiatrist tried to put me on Paxil but the side effects made me stop after a week.
I suggest seeing a therapist.
I am trying my hardest to defeat this without being medicated.  It is hard to convince yourself that it is just anxiety when your body is giving you physical symptoms.
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I am so glad to have found this site. I am a semi-healthy 27 year-old male(biological high-blood pressure) who just experienced these symptoms for the first time.  
We were on our first day of a trip to Disneyland, my wife, 3 year-old daughter and my wife's parents.  We had just had breakfast at the hotel and got on the shuttle bus to the park when about half way there, I broke into a very hot sweat.  I felt light headed and dizzy. When we got off the bus I was feeling some better but still had a sense that something was wrong. Once we had made it through the ticket booth, right where the train and two entrance tunnels are, I felt like I was going to pass out.  I sat down at one of the planters, and within a minute, I had to lay down as I started feeling worse.  As I was laying there, I started feeling needles in my feet and hands like they were going to sleep. I told my wife to call 911, and by the time she got them on the phone, my whole body was vibrating like a hand that had been sat on for 20 minutes. My hands were numb and forced open by my muscles and I found myself fighting to make a fist.  As I was talking to her, I could hear my speech starting to slur badly. I was so scared and figured I was going to die of a heart attack or brain anuryzm or something.  When medical help arrived, they immediately put me on oxygen and put me into an ambulance.  within 5 minutes I felt completely normal.  They took me to the ER, and there they took chest xrays, blood tests, urine tests, and an EKG and said that everything looked normal.  I was able to resume my trip the next day and have never had another symptom.  I am scared of this happening again and very much want to know what this is.
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Similar to what happened to me.  In my case, they said it was a panic attack.  You should go to your doctor just to make sure.  They could do blood tests to check your thyroid levels and/or other tests.  It's best to go to a doctor to have it checked out...
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