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OCD and seizures

When I was 19 I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. I had complex partial seizures and EEG showed spikes coming from the left Parietal lobe. About the same time I develop an obsession that I was going to due horrible things to children. After a couple of years my seizures stopped and I elected to not continue with medication. The obsessions continued (got worse actually)and I soon developed a compulsion to say the Lords Prayer two times (well....two times PERFECTLY which usually ended up being 4, 6, 8, even 10 times...)in order to neutralize the obsessive thougts I was having. I was diagnosed with OCD, put on zoloft. My OCD improved but I discontinued treatment feeling that I was "cured." Well, I wasn't cured and about 4 months (when I was changing jobs and moving...stress!) ago the obsessions and cumpulsions returned with a vengence and I am now working with a wonderful therapist and psychiatrist and am on Prozac (40 mg) and am doing well. Now...here is the question. My anxiety about the obsessions I have has greatly improved but I'm still obsessing  A LOT! Is the medication suppose to reduce anixty alone or stop the obsessions? My second question is: Can Prozac cause seizures in people prone to them? In the past two montsh I have had about 4 episodes of waking up in the middle of the night beacuse I had an INTENSE sensation that I was falling. Enough to wake me up out of a deep sleep and wake up gasping for breathe and jerkign up hard enough to have a sore neck the next day. Is this a seizure? I have also had a number of episodes of numbness and "millions of pin pricks" on my right arm and around my face (mouth mostly) and am worried that this is an aura and that my seizures will come back. I am a teacher and need to commute to work and can not afford to not drive so I'm scared to talk to my psychiatrist about these potential seizures. Do you think the Prozac is causing a reoccurance of seizures? I know they are not COmplex partial seuzures like before (because i'm not losing consiousness) but maybe simple partial sezures? Thank-you!
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Elizabeth, you should talk to your psychiatrist about this because prozac could have a stimulating effect,which could facilitate seizures.  there are many medications to protect against seizure, and should consider them with your doctor. Only you and your doctor can sort out the relationship between psychological causes, anxiety and transitions; and neurological sensitivities.
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Thank-you for your quick responce! What about my question what the Prozac is suppose to do for OCD.... is it suppose to just help with anxiety or stop the obsessions?
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