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Paxil and Buspar?


Here's a brief history; I'm a healthy 30 year old male, and after going to the ER for the first time in several years for a severe migraine, I was given Droperidol, which I had a severe reaction to, feeling incredibly anxious and trembling for days.  This was 8 months ago.

Since then I have had panic attacks and GAD; I was on Zoloft for over a month, with no benefit.  And was on Paxil 20 mg for about 6 weeks with no benefit, but it totally eliminated any sex drive, so my doctor has bumped me down to 10mg. I am to start taking Buspar at 15mg a day, along with the Paxil.  And, I'm to increase the Buspar by 5mg every three days until I see any benefit.  I also take two .25 Xanax pills in the evening.

My question was on how effective Buspar and Paxil are, and except for the absent libido, I am fine on Paxil.  But I've heard numerous horror stories about it, and now am concerned that Buspar has serious side effects, particularly agitation and anxious feelings.  

Does this sound like a reasonable treatment?  My pyschiatrist decided not to try upping the Paxil because of the total lack of libido at a small dosage, and no diminishing of that over 6-7 weeks.

Thanks much,
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Your psychiatrist is making the right calls re Buspar and Paxil.The effect of Buspar is partially as a stimulant, so the agitation may occur, and if so, you will discontinue it. If you have the right dose for you, you may get the effect you want without the side effects.
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