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Phobia and anxiety

For 5 years now I've been suffering from diarrhea and none of my drs can figure out why.  We think it's just a bad case of IBS.  Because of so many "close calls" while running to the washroom, I have developed a sever phobia of going anywhere for fear of losing bowel control.  When I know I have to go anywhere for the day, I don't eat anything (and I mean ANYTHING) and take about 4 immodium pills.  I still panic while out in public, because I'm scared I didn't empty out my bowels enough before I left, and I have a real problem with using public washrooms because of the embarrassment.  It's such a catch 22:  I'm afraid that I'm going to lose bowel control in public, and the anxiety irritates my IBS even more.  This consumes my every thought.  I think about this at least 75% of the time.  I want a medication that will calm me down when I'm in public.  I need a medication that works fast as well.   Is there such a thing as a medication that will help calm these constant thoughts of using the washroom?  I don't know how much longer I can take this.  It's affecting my marriage, because I haven't even told my husband the extent of the problem.  I've tried Paxil, with no change except a sever  case of vertigo..I need something to stop my brain from screaming at me.  Please help.  Thank you for your time.
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I know how frustrating and limiting this can be.  Not because I have diarrhea but because once I was knocked off my bike and run over and then I developed a tendency to use the bathroom a lot.  Today its more psychological as I tend to repeat behaviors a lot in order to not feel like I need to go (or go urgently as in after I was run over).
It is crazy and embarrassing.
My behavior has limited me in a lot of ways: punctuality, avoidance of public transport, previously attending lectures and participating in team sports.  The list is endless.

I think the real issue is identifying what is causing the problem.  Once this is corrected your fear may just disappear.

Have your doctors discussed crohn's, etc with you?  I read on the gastroenterology expert forum that there is a blood antibody test for that.  Sorry!
I also heard somewhere that a vaccine (?chicken pox, ??small pox) had been used to treat symptoms with some success.
Maybe you could try posting about your symptoms there.  They may be able to offer some additional advice.

Your husband may be able to offer you additional support if he were made aware of the problem.

Best wishes
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The best medication for this would be Xanax...a small dose before you go out...you might also try a round of  brief psychotherapy to deal with this specific issue.
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