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Prozac/Other Continued

Dr. Gould,

How do I dig myself out of this regression you are talking about?  I am terrified of this!  I can't sleep! I can't eat again, I don't know how much this Ativan is contributing to this.  I must not be getting the benifits anymore it seems to make me worse sometimes.  I want to get off of it but am afraid I will get even worse and then what do I do; I am sensitive to so many drugs. Will the Prozac eventually take care of this anxiety so I won't have to take the Ativan?  Drugs I can't take: Celexa, Trazadone, Xanax, Lexapro, Klonipin, Gabritrol, Paxil, Effexor,to name a few they have tried, they wanted me to try Zoloft but I had had enough and went back to prozac .  I am terrified I will not get well.

Please help!!!!  Tell me the Prozac can work again for me
You didn't answer whether it is o.k. to take the 10mg. capsule with the 2mg. liquid as I increase to 20mg.

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I believe the prozac will work for you and easily replace the ativan.  You are correct that ativan can make you more depressed so stopping it when you can, or experiementing is the right thing to do.  I resist prescribing for you because it is not an ethical thing to do online.  That is for your doctor, but in general it doesn't really matter too much in what form you take prozac, its important to get the right blood level...
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It's safer to taper the drug downwards- BZDs have to be titrated downward very slowly when the drug will be stopped. Especially a drug like ativan.

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