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Prozac to Wellbutrin

I wrote to you last week with my sexual problem with prozac. I ask you about wellbutrin. Well today I saw my Dr. and he gave me Wellbutrin 300 mg. a day and told me to start it tomorrow. I have been on prozac for 28 days. I am so scared of wellbutrin after reading the side effects people are having, tremors, headachs, dizzy, unable to think, and thinking bad thoughts. I have 3 kids and a job I am scared of what this drug may do to me. Can you tell me percentages or something that may help me to feel better or worse if need be. The prozac has been wonderful except for no orgasm which I cannot deal with. Thank you for your last response.
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Dear Tammy,

I am not the same physician who replied to your previous question, I have though reviewed the response and agree with my colleague.
I can understand your concern regarding Wellbutrin's side effects. Wellbutrin is usually prescribed at 150mg twice a day,  you may consider starting at 150mg a day inorder minmize the possible side effects. Ask your physician.

Best Wishes!

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i was on wellbutrin for about 8 months for bipolar disorder, i did well on it , except when mixed with  alchol, then  you do have a lot of  problems, i,m now on prozac and wondering the same things...good luck
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I am a 54 year-old divorced woman. I have been on disability for 14 years with CFIDS and Crohn's.My doctor recommend that I be treated for depression and fatigue. As of 8/4, he changed my protocol to 25 mg Fluoxetine 1X/day and 150 mg. Bupropion 2X/day.

Within 36 hours, my libido returned! Hurray!

However, some parts of my brain have vanished. I play Scrabble online. I don't know what the letters spell. I just keep trying different combinations until the word is accepted.

I wake up in the morning with a song in my head. Cool! But I also am acting quirkier than I ever have in my life. Drumming on my thighs waiting for a traffic light to change. Making weird sounds. I used to be "serious" and "responsible". I don't quite recognize this "me".

Should I be concerned about the brain disconnect and the quirky behaviors?

Thanks. Jan
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Janis, I more than understand your problem.  I too have been waking up with a song in my head and have no clue why.  I just started taking wellbutrin about a week ago.  I also am having problems remembering certain things, which really is awful since I am a history teacher.  
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Look up "Gwen Olsen" on youtube or google video.
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