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If one thinks something bizarre for just a minute, can that be psychotic?  I looked at the tail lights of a car and thought if I continued looking at them it would control my mind.  I looked away and the car drove off and that was the end of that.  During the same period of time I had another scare kind of like that, but that too was just for a few minutes.

The reason I am asking is that my psychiatrists have told me I have been psychotic and I don't know whether to believe it or not because I realized right afterward that it was bizarre. I am still taking an antipsychotic after 12 years!  I would like to get off of it.  I must admit though that it keeps me from feeling anxiety and fear.  I hear that most people, unless they are schizophrenic are supposed to be weaned off of it.

So my questions are:  could that really be psychotic and what is the criteria for a person discontinuing an antipsychotic?

Thank you for your time.
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Those moments in themselves are not psychotic, but it does tell you that if you stop taking the medications those moments may become more frequent or harder to control. The best advice is to stay on the medication until you are feel so in control of your life and your thoughts that are certainly functioning on very solid ground for a great deal of time.  Your doctor is the best one to advise you about the particulars.
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I would just like you to know that we have all had bizzare thoughts at one time or another.  I chalk them up to anxiety and a feeling of loss of control.  I also find that the time I usually have them is when I am very stressed or going through a very low time with my depression.  I can not answer your med question but sometimes it helps just to know other people have had the same experience.  
Best wishes
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Whoa.. Sounds like something I use to go threw.  I would look into the sky, for example, and feel that if i stared hard enough and thought hard enough i could control the world or make it rain.  Turns out I had depression and maybe im naturally a little coo coo.  =)  
I cant post a question because it is always FULL! So Im going to ask here.  I was taking PAXIL for my depression and panic attacks and anxiety.  My doc prescribed me ZOLOFT now, and before i start taking it, I was wondering if someone can tell me if the effects are as bad as Paxil.  I know all meds have side effects..blah blah blah.. I just want to know if its going to cause me to lose my job again and difficulty sleeping ?  Does ZOLOFT work good????     THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Forum-MD -RG... has a website called masteringstress sessions.  I need the web address!! Does anybody know it??  I am on Internet Explorer and i cant view any of his links???  Please send that link to ***@**** or post it in here.  Thanks
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in answer to the question about zoloft, when i was on this med. it really did help in some ways but it also kind of made me feel numb.  it also caused weight gain.  it did not cause any sleep disturbances for me.  i am now trying wellbutrin sr
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I have tried a number of the ssri's and they made me feel more anxiety. I have also been reading in this forum, many complaining about the anxiety and insomnia. Those side effects can eventually lead to depression in themselves rather than the meds preventing it.

I take Klonopin for my anxiety and it is the best for me with no side effects. Some people get tired but I don't. My body loves it. Ever since I replaced my severe alcoholism problem with Klonopin, I have had no desire to drink. Most of the drinking was related to stress, anxiety and physical pain.

So far Zoloft and Paxil are the two ssri's complained about most. Effexor is good for me, Celexa was okay but did not mix well with something and I was having blackouts while driving. I still have a few on certain days now, mainly when I am in a seizure kind of day, but the Effexor may or may not be the culprit.
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I have been experiencing bizarre thoughts as well. I remember one time, reading a book, my mind stopped on one word, and I had the strangest desire to jump up and run away screaming. Another time I looked at the stars and felt like they were penentrating my brain, they just seemed too bright and penetrating that it made me feel like going crazy. I often get obsessive thought patterns triggered by a thought or a sight. Sometimes I feel like I have a brain tumor or parasite that causes these thoughts because they seem so unnatural. It often causes me extreme uneasiness, rapid heart beat, and sometimes panic attacks.
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Hi, I've had bizarre thoughts since I was little that I KNEW were harmful and abnormal.  They ALWAYS scare(d) me.  I do not think this constitutes as psychosis, as I am aware that I do it to myself (self-sadism) to scare the **** out of myself and to convince myself that I'm bad/ nuts/ whatever.  I was somewhat verbally abused as a child, and I think this is why.  Anyway, I totally don't think obssessive "bad thoughts" are indicative of psychosis; you're only psychotic if you actually believe them.
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hmmm...I know what your saying...  alot of times i'll pick up an sction figure af sorts of my family members and evrything will go intoo slow motion and a great fear will come upon me, just about 30 minutes ago i did that and now i really can't go in my family member's room because, although i cannot picture that toy hurting me i can get near it without gagging and wanting to throw up...it's scary.....I've also been having other things like seeing people for brief seconds who aren't there but i can recognize adn seeing things in slow motion like my figerrrrs typingg right mow./  ......   sometimes people will lapse back like a tape skipped andf rewound for a second and is going again but with tracking adn stuff....i know what you guys a aer saying....I can't go out intot the sun anymore because my grandfather had skincancer and a medication i'm taking (not for any such symtoms as mentioned before) makes me sensitive to sunlight...i'm uncomforatble in the sun now....it;'s wierd....

i think we should all get together someday and have a picnic....funfunfun for the whole family///
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