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'Pure O'

I have been diagnosed with OCD, specifically is seems I have what is classified as "pure O". I have horrible, intrusive thoughts without compulsive rituals which are managed by medications and therapy. I see where some specialists say that obsessions are always accompanied by compulsions to try and control the thoughts and others who say that some people just have obsessions without the rituals. In fact, I had one Doctor who said I did not have OCD, just an anxiety disorder, because I did not have compulsions. What is the common belief in this area?
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The common belief is that there are a spectrum of symptoms that include obsessions, compulsions and anxiety, and the symptoms fluctuate and change.

In matter of fact, it doesn't make any difference for the treatment.  The treatment is about what drives the anxiety. The symptoms are attempts to control the anxiety. You have to dig into the source to move beyond just control of the symptoms.
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Have you looked into the possibility of adult Attention Deficit Disorder? I've heard that sometimes uncontrollable thinking and rumination can be more a lack of control over thoughts associated with ADD rather than OCD. I was diagnosed with OCD years ago for exactly the same reason!! Out of control thinking and obsessing, with absolutely no compulsive behaviour. I have recently discovered adult ADD and am quite sure that it pertains to me.

Best of Luck!
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