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Questions before taking Zoloft

I was presribed 50mg Zoloft for stress, anxiety and migraines last month but haven't taken it yet due to concerns and fears about all the negative side effects I've read about.

Will I gain weight if my diet and exercise remain the same while on Zoloft? I'm slim and like to exercise and eat a healthy diet so even gaining 5 pounds would likely make me more depressed.

Will Zoloft help my PMDD? I get so irritable and depressed a week or two before my cycle that life is totally unbearable.

I'm a vegetarian and usually have a poor appetite from stress so I take a Multiple with Iron, Zinc 50mg, B-complex, B-12 100mcg, Vitamin-E 200iu, Biotin 1200mcg. Are these okay to take while on Zoloft? If so, should I take them in the afternoon if I take the Zoloft in the am?
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A small percentage of people gain weight no matter how well they eat and exercise, but if you remain diligent, is it likely you will be okay.
Yes, it should help the pmdd.
The vitamins will not interfere, and it doesn't make any difference when you take them.
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Yes it is okay to take zoloft w/those nutrient pills you take. If you exercise reguraly i doubt u will gain weight.  I've been on a few medications, including zoloft, and I've never gained weight on any of them. I'm on lexapro now and actually lost close to 15lbs (and I was very slim to begin with.) Everyone is different.  Try the zoloft for 6 weeks or so and if you don't like the side effects switch.  It may take a while to find the appropriate anti depressant.  Hang in their.
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I started in zoloft and had scarey TERRIBLE sides because, I shouldn't of started with such a high dose to begin with.  They should of done it gradually.
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I was thinking of taking 1/2 of a 50mg pill to start to see how bad the side effects are. The pharmacist said that was okay. I was reading something about Zoloft causing teeth grinding and I'm already a teeth grinder so that worries me too.
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Perhaps the teeth grinding will slow down with medication? I've heard that those with a great deal of tension grind their teeth.

If it's during sleep, I have seen mouth guards at Walmart. There are better ones out there (apparently) but the price reflects it.

Just a thought.
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Good luck with ZOlOFT and please try not to be afraid. I'm currently on 100mg of ZOLOFT and it has helped me with depression and anxiety. I've been taking it for 4 months. My psychiatrist tells me not to think or worry about side effects because you can actually bring them on by worrying to much. Try the Zoloft for at least 4-6 weeks and if it doesnt work then there are other good meds out there that might be more suitable for you. I think your doing the right thing by starting at a low dose. I am thinking about switching over to Lexapro because I've heard it's a good med and I have more issue's with Generalized anxiety and I hear Lexapro is really good in covering that.

Good luck with the Zoloft!

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