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Remeron for Panic Disorder


Can you tell me if Remeron is effective in treating panic disorder and is it as safe as the SSRI medications?

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There is mixed research on the efficacy of Remeron. Its safety has been questioned, but most consider to be safe, but probably not as certainly safe as the ssri medications.
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Hi.. Im currently taking remeron to help with my panic disorder.... It really just helps me sleep at night.  How could Remeron be NOT safe?? Im just curious.... what are the dangers of remeron??
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i have been taking remeron for the past 2 years for anxiety/panic disorder, and i find that it works extremely well for me. when taken by itself without concomittant medication, i agree that its efficiency for panic disorder is questionable. i take it in conjunction with xanax and inderal, both used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. remeron have pretty strong sedative effects which is why its to be taken before bed. as far as safety, i have read reports of it causing agranulocytosis,  increasing cholesterol/triglycerides and cases of orthstatic hypostention which is exacerbated in thoses with cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease. unfortunately there was very little info explaining the frequency or severity of the occurences.
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i took remeron for about a 3 week period of time. my doc was trying to take me off tofranil.  the morning after i took it, i was so out of it that i totalled my car and didnt even care.  i was in this strange daze for the whole period of time.  kindof like a glazed over effect.  the tofranil was tricyclic (i've beenon it for 7 years) and the remeron is a tetracyclic antidepressant i believe.  i guess it all depends on your brain's chemistry.  everyone's chemestry is different and what might not work for some people may work well for you.  just be aware of how you feel during the first few weeks of taking it.  the label says not to drive or operate heavy machinery until you know the effects of the med. they really mean it im sure.  good luck and good mental health!
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