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Ritalin is a very dangerous drug that can be very unforgiving to a young persons


what is your clinical position?


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I am sorry I can't get to that story, but if you ask the question you have in mind, I will be very happy to respond.
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How many dangerous doctors are there in the USA who threaten the lives of precocious children with prescriptions of licit "toxic" psychotropic medications?
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is ritalin bad if you combine it with prozac please help asap email me at ***@****
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I have adult ADD and have taken ritalin for a long time, it can be a lifesaving drug for those suffering with ADHD or ADD -- it is only dangerous if someone takes it who does not have these disorders.  

There is an awful lot of misinformation out there about it, but testimonies from thousands of families whose children are functioning at a much happier, higher level than when unmedicated would lead one to assume that this can be a very useful drug.

The untreated psychological effects of ADHD are worse than any potential small physical side-effects (if any exist), similar to other psychotropic medications like lithium, antipsychotics, anti-seizure meds, etc.

It's a personal choice whether to medicate or not, and nobody is forcing anyone to foist it off on their children.  

Yes, you can take ritalin with prozac or other SSRIs.  I take it with zoloft.

Hope this helps,

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