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Self Help Tips?

Hello -

I am a 28 year old male, fairly fit/athletic.  For a few years I have had generalized anxiety.  When I take anti-anxiety meds like Zoloft or Lexapro it makes everything better, but I quickly grow tired of the sexual side effects.  I have libido, but it is very difficult to ejaculate.  

For 2006 I have decided to work out even more, improve my diet, and work to recognize thinking patterns that promote my anxiety ... dwelling on little things or blowing things out of proportion.  However, I have had about a 5 week bout of insomnia, mainly trouble failing asleep (several hours to get to sleep) and early morning awakenings.  There is no specific event on my mind, so I don't know what to address in my life to improve my sleep.  I have tried OTC sleep remedies like Unisom, but honestly it doesn't do much for me.  My insomnia is not improving.

My next step is to see a psych., its probably long over due...but besides seeking therapy, what would you recommend?  Or what would you recommend in the interim?

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There is always something going on below the surface that causes the anxiety and sleep problem so anything you can do to get to that, like seeing a psychiatrist, is what you need to do.  Books might help you, self help programs that drill down a little might help.  I have a new program that is in beta and you can use that for free. go to wwww.masteringmylife.com.   use contact button to ask to be a trial member.  That will help you get in touch with and start doing something about what is realy bothering you.
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Ask the doctor about Welbutrin; doesn't have the same side effects. Or xanex for short term. And read anything you can find about anxiety disorders. Behavioral counseling usually works best.
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