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Self-injury in a depressed person

Subject: Self-injury in a depressed person

Forum: The Mental Health Forum

My 29 year old daughter was diagnosed a couple of years ago
as having unit-polar depression. I'm sure she has suffered from
depression for several years before that. She has tried several
medications but none have offered her much relief. In the last 2
years she has periodically cut herself or burnt herself during
episodes of severe depression. Is there any information available
on self-injury and depression? (I'm not even sure if there is a
clinical term for the symptom, if there is, please include it in
your response.)
She is currently under the care of a psychiatrist and is on a
waiting list to see a psychologist. She was told that the only
therapy available through the psychologist was 'cognitive'
therapy. (She lives in a remote area and government sponsored
help is somewhat limited.) Do you know if any research has been
done with this type of therapy in relation to the symptoms above?
ANY information you could provide in particular with regard
to self injury would be most appreciated (or any literature).

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