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Severe Depression

I have been diagnosed with severe depression. I feel very angry at everything and everyone but I can't seem to let it out. I feel like if I could just cry I might be okay. I can't do that either. Is this a normal part of depression? Shouldn't I feel sad and blue not angry. Could this be my medications? Zoloft, Flexeril, and just recently put on Vicodin for a disc problem. I see my psychologist this week. It also seems when I go 2 full weeks without therapy my symptoms get worse. Should I tell her I have to see her every week? However, this anger is all new.
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Anger is an important part of depression, and is the way out of depression. Definitely tell your psychologist, and talk to her as much as you can in order to understand and deal with your anger.
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HI!!  I also suffer from severe depression.  However I take Paxil, not Zoloft.  Anger is a normal part of depression, I went through that phase aswell.  It was really bad for me.  I would get extreamly upset at my family/friends and my boyfriend, for no reason.  Also I was really emotional and get upset at myself for acting this way.  This is what you have to tell yourself.... please do this, say and always think  "This is not me.  I don't want to act this way and normally I wouldn't.  It's the depression speaking, not me".  Let yourself act like this.  You honestly have no control of your feelings right now, and you may not for a while.  There will be ups and down days.  I am still waiting and its been a little over 2 months now.  It is very hard I know.  One more thing I need to stress, DO NOT MAKE ANY RASH DECISIONS!  NO MATTER IF YOU THINK IT'S RIGHT FOR THE TIME BEING, IT WILL ONLY HURT YOU MORE AND WILL NOT HELP YOU.  If you would like to email me and we can chat, that would be great.  Good luck.  Take care.  Jeanette
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Thanks for responding to my post. I have been on the Zoloft for months. My doctor wanted to change it to Celexa? I think that is what it was. It took me so long to get use to the Zoloft and couldn't imagine changing to something else. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have 2 bulging disc in my neck and just had a CT scan because the EMG showed a pinched nerve in the S-1. Even though my therapy is over for my neck both hands keep going numb. The doctor wouldn't let them do any therapy on my lower back until she sees the CT results. I have pain down my right leg and large toe is always numb and sometinmes lower leg is numb. I have toes on my other foot go numb also. No one can figure that out because it's both sides. I just wonder if something else isn't going on. Now do you know why I am angry. I have been dealing with this disc problem for 3 months.
Now that I rattled off I would like your e-mail address so we can discuss the depression.
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Hello. Sure you can have my email address.  With Both of our depression situations, I also have many medical problems that my doctors are not helping with.  I can understand and appreciate your anger and frustration.  Please email me :o}  


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Hi FM44.

Are you getting exercise? I know when you're depressed the last thing you can do is motivate yourself to exercise, but when you find yourself in a flurry of productivity, quickly sign yourself up for a judo class.

Or karate. Or yoga.

The meditation aspect and breathing techniques, along with the purpose being to kick someone else's ***, would be a great ventilation duct for your soul.

Take a long walk and yell in the wind. Exercise is overlooked too often as a cure for many things.

The pent up society we live in today often suffocates any outburst of self expression we might have the instinct to make.

But hey, it's our life, right?!  Let it out.

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I just have to comment here. anger is depression. chronic pain added to my already depressive state. also i have been depressed and anxious all of my life and only recently have gotten help. i have been on paxil for six months and it took about sixteen weeks before i felt it. the worse thing anyone can do is fight their meds, unless they cant tollerate the side affects. also woman have to consider their age, perimenapausal symptoms can be there and have nothing to do with your meds for depression.
I am in the severe catagory. so i know that the waiting for the meds to kick in is an ordeal. the biggest thing that has helped me is my therapy. yes, i go each week. i could not see how i could have made any progress without it. i had a time frame of three years of anger mixed with chronic pain. chronic dental pain. i knew i was out of control and yet it took another year to convince myself to get help. tis the best thing i have done. meditation. this has been my major helping skill. i am facing the problems, feeling the feelings, pampering myslef. do not get your thearpy from the doctor you recieve your perscription from. go to a licenced mental health counsler. if you do not click, find one that you do click with. my anger is gone.
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