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Severe PMS

I am 37 years old and have been suffering through this for such a long time.  Two weeks before my menses I experience terrible PMS.  I get very anxious, depressed, I want to cry for no reason at all, I have fits of anger and rage and can be very aggressive, I make irrational decisions like ended relationships and quit jobs,  I am in a complete fog, I can't remember anything, I don't want to leave the house or shower, if I do leave the house I don't know where I am going and I definitely shouldn't be driving.  I don't want to answer the phone or talk to anyone.  I am very tired and can sleep til noon and still be fatigued. I work out 6 days a week but I don't want to work out during this time.  Sometimes  I have thoughts of suicide.    

Then as my menses passes, I am back to my normal self with such relief.  This emotional roller coaster is very draining and has such an impact on my life and everyone in my life.  It is very crippling to my quality of life.  I do know that many women experience this but I feel that there is a lack of sympathy for us or else a treatment would have been created by now.  

I understand it has to do with my hormones being unbalanced during this time and I've heard of Natural Hormone Balance Therapy.  I am told it is only for women who are menopausal.  There must be a similar therapy for me without having to take synthetic drugs with side effects.  

This probably falls in the area of an endocrinologist and not in mental health but any advice you can offer would be great.  

Please help!!


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I do believe that with  a reaction this severe and prolonged that a work up by a gynecologist or endocrinologist would be in order.  As a stop gap you might see a psychopharmacologist since sometimes antidepressants for this period seem to work miracles...
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i can identify with your pms probs. i am 48 and the 2 weeks b4 my period i cannot sleep more than 3-4 hours a night, i am fatigued, and react differently/irrationally to situations. i actually get adrenalin rushes and tingles in my feet and hands when i am angered or surprised..kind of like a heightened "sense of flight". my family cannot stand me and i cannot stand myself i want to crawl in a hole until my period starts. i feel unable to control my emotions and negativity. i tend to isolate myself bc i know i'm miserable to be around. docs want to prescribe remeron and or zoloft. but several years ago i was on anti-depressants and the feeling of apathy & side effects i experienced was not worth it. i try to manage the pms symptoms by exercise & yoga but it isn't always effective. i can tell you to definitely stay away from alcohol if at all possible it makes all the symptoms worse. and i truely do sympathize with you because many consider pms to be psychosomatic and not a true condition. the physiological and mental anguish i feel during these two weeks is agonizing. i wish you luck and if you stumble on a "cure", please let me know. my email is lynn@das-group.com.
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I have heard the estimates of women who suffer from PMDD is actually quite low. There is usually some underlying factor causing the symptoms like anxiety and depression. I took Serafem (aka prozac) for 3 weeks for that problem. It made me mood swing worse than before. I did quit craving chocolate though. I noticed though that I had more mood swings than I thought. I was eventually told I had Generalized Anxiety Disorder. My therapist told me Prozac probably was the last thing that should have been prescribed. Hope this helps.

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I have suffered for the past 10 years or so.  Intially, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety..I was going through a divorce at the time.  I was prescribed antidepressants and benzo's and took them on and off until August of 2004.  I kept telling the doctors that I thought it was hormonal.  They kept giving me drugs.  I finally decided to quit taking all the drugs to get to the root of my mood swings.  It was as I thought...the two weeks before my period were exactly as you described and bang once my period started I would be back to normal.  I started a yoga class in Jan which has been helping, but what helped the most was a suggestion the yoga teacher made when I complained about my bloat...she suggested I ask the dr. about Yasmin (a birth control pill).  Thank God for this little lady's comment....Once I changed to this pill (instead of Alesse), I felt amazingly better!!!!  It has a duirectic property that keeps the bloat to a  minimum and the mood swings have been a little less severe....I am 45 yrs. old by the way.  Anyway, a suggestion worth asking about...it seems to help me..of course I am still challenged, but it is better.  Oh, and by the way...PMS is real!!!
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i had severe depression like symptoms starting two weeks before my periods and lasting through the whole period...so three weeks out of four per month...it was horrible...dr put me on prozack and my entire life changed...no more pms...no more depression...no more debilitating cramps with my period...it literally saved my life...

it is not immediate you must be on it for a few weeks...

hope you get some help...it is debilitating!
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oh i did need to start on a very small dose and work my way up cause the side effects at first were funny...but after awhile all side effects completely disapeared and now i can not even tell when i take a pill...and i am on 40mg of prozack. i have been on this for 14 years and no problems only relief...

i tried stopping the meds one time and the symptoms came right back so i won't do that again...

best wishes to you,
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