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Severe anxiety & depression (dysthymia)

i cant afford to see a psychiatrist, although i was able to see one for 5 visits for free through a local hospital, but that was the max that i could see one, the psychiatrist told me i have dysthymia, i also have severe anxiety, maybe not necessarily agoraphobia, though ive researched it and i do have some of the symptoms, but im afraid to be out in public, crowds, even afraid to go shopping, but i do out of necessity, and i havent told my doctor yet because im embarrassed to do so, i have only recently seeked help within the last year, ive been suffereing from depression since i was 13 and have been through numerous situations that would cause my depression, something id rather not talk about but within the last year ive taken lexapro, prozac and effexor for my depression, with xanax, lorazepam and clonazepam for anxiety...clonazepam was the only benzo that really did nothing positive, it made things worse actually, but doctors always prescribe ssris thinking it would benefit anxiety, which so far it hasnt at all, to be honest all the anti depressants ive taken havent done anything, ive only taken effexor for a month now, and will continue for another month to see what happens but i dont expect it will work.
i would very much appreciate any input, its starting to be very detrimental to my life, i even have lower back spasms when under major anxiety and i just want to feel better, im supposed to see my doctor friday and i really need help, thanks!
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I am sorry you can't find affordable psychotherapy, because that is the right answer for you. You might find group therapy more affordable.If not, then your only other option is medication so you and your doctor have to keep on trying to find the right combination for you. But even if medication works to dull your symptoms, you still have to do the active work of living, and that is to face down problems, and solve them the best you can.
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im sorry i forgot to mention im 26 now, so ive been suffering from depression for 13 years
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Hi.  I am a 51 year old woman who has suffered from depression since age 9.  Recently, I was also diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  I have had problems with anxiety,  in the past, but finally my shrink put a name to it.  I take Zoloft and Klonopin. However, you said that Klonopin did not work for you.  Klonopin is a slow acting benzo.... with a long half life so it stays in your system longer.  Ativan is one you may ask about.  It works quicker but leaves sooner...I have had it before as I had surgery 5 months ago and they gave it to me in the hospital.  Hang in there.  I know how you feel.  Anxiety and depression are the pits.... but with the right meds you can live a normal life.  Talk with your doc when you go... hope this helps.
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thanks for the comments, i have another question, i was wondering is it safe to mix 2 anti anxiety pills? i was thinking asking my doc for prescriptions of buspar and either ativan or xanax, since both of those benzos work really well for me, but it takes a couple weeks for buspar to take effect, so i was hoping to take a fast acting benzo in the meantime, but will it cancel each other out, or is it safe?
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Hey, that anxiety sux huh. I am dealing with it also. The depression could be managable but paired with the anxiety sometimes its life altering in so many ways. I have panic disorder with agoraphobia and severe recurring depression, I am fortunate enough to see a psychiatrist once a week, in my city we have a mental health clinic that goes by your income. That may be something for you to look into, also you can look for support groups in your area. There are usually quite a few for anxiety and depression. Support groups always sounded so cheesy to me, but it has really helped, so if you can find one give it a try it's really good therapy. At one point I couldn't drive, all I could do was lay in my bed, the depression and anxiety had gotten so bad. I was unable to care for my son most days. So reach out because there may be something out there to help you before it gets to bad. I am on Ativan and Celexa. The celexa has been very helpful for me, I know everyone is different but it may be worth a try. It really took the edge off of my anxety. Also, my Dr. and I have talked about taking me off of the ativan and putting me on buspar. And for the first week or so I would stay on the ativan while the buspar kicks in, and ween off of the ativan because it's dangerous to just stop taking it. You have to tapper off. Well I hope my long winded message was helpful. Good luck!
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Not having coverage should never be a barrier to obtaining treatment. There are many ways of obtaining coverage for people who may have too much income to qualify for straight Medicaid but cannot afford private insurance. One of them is the Medicaid Buy in for Working People with Disabilities. You can look that up. Also fell free to send me an onsite e-mail. I'm part of a non profit that as part of our advocacy does benefits counseling. I'm sure there is some way we can help you obtain medical coverage which I know is a dilemna for many people.
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