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Should I seek help from a Psychiatrist

I am 74 and male, currently suffering with depression. My GP looks as if he is successfully treating it. During many hours of a crying time, my whole life spread before me. I realised that I had many trauma's (7). I realised that I suffer with ADD, which has in my opinion encouraged, at a time when I could not completeboring tasks, no matter how urgent, compulsive cross dressing and gambling to provide excitement.  I have on occassions massive anger surges which has historically caused problems socially, has given me a heart attack and caused my current depression. In the rage I act impulsively which is very worrying. Twice in my life Psychiatric examinations were mentioned but never acted upon. When my GP has sorted my Depression and BP out should I seek Psychiatric Assessment. How long in hours would an assessment take, and is it possible that I might need to go inside, at least to start the treatments. DoubleD
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Dear DoubleD,

I appreciate your efforts for medical consultation in so much distress.
I am summarizing the important aspects of your query which are:
•     You are a known case of Depressive disorder
•     Past history of heart attack and cross dressing
•     Complain of low mood and guilt over past
•     Currently on some treatment from GP with improvement

In depression, patients usually have ideas of guilt. If we see your query, you describe several negative incidences in your life. Everybody has positive and negative incidences in their life but people with depression tend to think only about negative past life experiences. Medically this phenomenon is called “selective abstraction”.  This symptom will improve after full remission of depression.

Psychiatric examination is done to diagnose psychiatric illness. The major role of psychiatric examination is to help in the initiation of treatment. Your GP has already examined you and they usually have training for diagnosing common psychiatric problems and treating them. You are also improving with treatment. So I don’t see much need for further psychiatric examination. However, if your depression is not satisfactorily resolved with the current treatment, you can consult a psychiatrist for cognitive behavior therapy which also helps in the treatment of mild to moderate depression specially when it is present with cognitive distortions (like selective abstraction).

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Ashish Mittal
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