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Should I start taking Zyprexa again?

I was on Zyprexa for over 15 years after doctors had tried numerous anxiety/depression medicines without positive results.  I was convinced that it was a bad drug and I should quit taking it a year ago even though I was happy and just newly married.  I thought life was good so I went off cold turkey...Boy o boy.  The horrible withdrawals made me feel like I was doing the right thing and that it was a horrible drug.  I have been spiraling downward since then.  I have extreme highs and terrible lows.  I cry often and can barely get out of bed and function.  I am having disc problems in my neck which I think is aggravated by the anxiety.  My life is in the best place it has been as long as I can remember and yet I am sad and miserable and have anger episodes for no reason with my husband.  I am 47 and it has been suggested I tried hormone replacement as I am going through menopause and now I am confused as to whether I should get back on Zyprexa or something else.
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I can not make that recommendation because either way is likely to work, but you need an evaluation to get the best recommendation. If your hormones are low, then you should try that first.  There are also newer drugs that are less toxic that could help you so talk to your doctor about these alternatives.
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Dr. Gould, I do not have insurance or a regular doctor but have made an appointment with a health department and would really appreciate your advice whether I should go on hormone replace, back on Zyprexa or something else.  Thank you.
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Medications typically only manage or mask symptoms.  Maybe psychotherapy would be of some benefit.

I hope you get some good advice.  Also, good luck for your appointment.
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