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Slow Motion

I am really unsure what was going on with me as an adolescent but now that I am an adult I am questioning what was going on with me. Can anyone help?

This began as a child but as far back as I can remember there were times where everything appeared to be in slow motion. I remember riding in the back of the car and looking out of my moms vehicle and for approx. 15 minutes everything outside appeared in slow motion. This would happen to me most of the time when I was in a relaxed state. It happened about once a month my whole child hood and as I got older it happened less and less. My last episode was when I was 21 years old and I was relaxing in a hot bathtub. I would always try and make it stop and I couldn't. I was always mentally aware that it was happening and could not control it. Like I said it would only last for a brief amount of time. Now I am 35 years old and look back at those moments and wonder... "What that heck was that, did I have a mental disorder?"

If anyone has any insight that would be great.

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These sound like brief dissociative states of mind,  are really quite common, and do not mean that you have any mental disorder.  They are a little bit like a waking dream, a state generated by the brain, with unconscious origins that you will probably never discover.
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