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Social Anxiety Disorder?

I have read several sources on Social Anxiety Disorder and believe that I have Social Anxiety Disorder. But I am not sure. Ther was an incident in junior high school (where I never fit in anyway), that caused extreme embrassment and scarred me emotionally and pyschologically. I try to avoid all social contact possible except college and work. The panic attacks mentioned by SAD sufferers and the articles are avoided for the most part. Parties especially and even my few friends, make me uncomfortable. I am wondering if this is just a emotional and pyschological problem or actually a reason for or maybe a helper to Social Anxiety Disorder. And whether SSRIs would help if it is not Social Anxiety Disorder.

Thanks for your time and thoughts in advance.
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Paul, what you have described is an issue of personal development, and that is unlearning your defensive response to the events and circumstances of your adolescent years. You would benefit immensely and quickly from seeing a psychotherapist. During the course of that experience, you may consider supplementing the  treatment with medication, but try the   treatment first. You will learn a lot that will help throughout your life.
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Paul, sounds like you are infact suffering from some prior experiences as an adolescent in highschool and as an adult, you are reliving those experiences on a different level, effecting your mood, perspective on life, and every day activities, including social interaction!  'Appears to be social anxiety disorder, however, obviously your best decision is to seek some type of professional help for a true diagnosis, so that you may begin to live your live to the fullest, inclusive of peace of mind and spirit.  Your anxiety is real, and the repetition could cause additional "harm"  if you're not treated. It is outstanding that you have taken the initial step to seek advice, and are searching for a diagnosis and wish to heal.  Although you may have to reconfront many prior issues that have hurt you, I think in through pain, comes a type of freedom, release, and of course independence from this somewhat debilitating disorder!

Wishing You Nothing but the Best...............
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