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Starting Wellbutrin and Anxiety Starting

My psych started me on Wellbutrin XL 150mg 1x daily.  I'm also taking Celexa 20mg 1x day, fluoxetine 10mg 1x day, and depakote 700mg 1x day.  I began the Wellbutrin because the SSRI's I've been taking cause me to feel emotionless.  Also, them along with the depakote make me crave food alot.  The goal is to start weaning off of the SSRI's slowly.  Since taking the Wellbutrin one week ago, I'm experiencing quite a bit of anxiety and increased depression.  My psych gave me .25 xanax 3x daily as needed and stay the course for one month to see of the anxiety and depression are side effects that will drop off.  Could these side effects be due to the mixing of all the meds?  Or could it be the Wellbutrin alone doing it??
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That's a lot of meds,all good ones. The wellbutrin takes three weeks to start working so it is unlikely it is the cause; more likely your fear of changing meds, although it is a good idea to cut down and keep the number of meds as low as possible. No one knows if it is the new mixture, but if you want to find out, ask your doctor about stopping the latest one, wellbutrin, to see if that is the cause.
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I started taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg a day about 2 weeks ago. I needed to start something new because the Lexapro 10mg I was on for 2 years made me gain so much weight and I had a loss of libido. From what I read the Wellbutrin acts like a time released stimulant. I have anxiety very bad also and it did somewhat heighten my GAD. I'm actually more concerned about the withdrawal effects of Lexapro from getting the brain zaps for the pass 3 days.

I can't really say anything about the anxiety subsiding or not since I haven't been on it that long, but I'll check back in on this post in the next week or so. Best way to help anxiety is to do the relaxation technique tapes, and / or talk to a psychologist. In my opinion of course...

Best of luck to you.
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i started 150mg of wellbutrin in january....i fought with myself for months that i wasnt depressed...finally after an anxiety attack in the shower and some fights with loved ones..i went to the drs, wellbutrin has worked wonders for me, and ive lost a lot of weight (i had put on almost 20lbs in a month, before being diagnosed)granted i have changed my eating habits and have been working out regularly. The first week i was on it, i noticed i clenched my teeth a lot(dont know if i was just being paranoid)and my stomach was a little upset. The dr had orginally put me on the 300mg..and then took it down to the 150. I had no sex drive before the wellbutrin, now i do...I cant say enough for wellbutrin and how its worked for me, but just because its right for me..does not mean its right for you...talk to your dr about another med

good luck
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My family doctor prescribed me Wellbutrin as well.  I have had no relief from SSRI's, having tried them all, includin Cymbalta. I have CFIDS/Fibromyalgia and SSRI's make me absolutely SOMNOLENT in addition to destroying my sex drive/response. I also have PTSD and a history of GAD due to experiences in the military and other life experiences so take Buspar for anxiety.  After my second dose of 150mg of Wellbutrin I had my first anxiety attack in over 6 months.  I am hoping it is just an adjustment phase or possibly just anxiety over being on a new med.  I am also concerned because I am having trouble sleeping.  If anyone has had similar experiences or if the doctor has any reassurance or suggestions I would be happy to hear it.  Suffering from chronic pain from traumatic injury as well as the CFIDS as I do, some kind of antidepessant is absolutely vital to me, so I am highly motivated to make this work.  Thanks for listening!
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i am also very curious about welbutrin and panic. have been taking tofranil for many years, but my doctor has suggested welbutrin because i am having weight problmes with tofranil. i'm worried that my panic attacks will return with welbutrin. right now i'm just cutting back on the tofranil and will start adding welbutrin this week while continuing to cut back on the other. also have xanex if needed.
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well, i'm on my third week on wellbutrin and am updating my experience.  still suffer from the anxiety which for me means tingles in the head and legs and tightness around head plus just overall feeling really bad and tightness in throat.  i've been taking the xanax as prescribed by my psych.  one day i had to take four of them but am only suppose to take three.  today is the FIRST time that i have so far only taken 1/2 of one pill and it's 2:00 in the afternoon.  may have to take another one later on.  the bad thing about taking the xanax is that it clouds up my head and makes me feel depressed so it defeats the purpose although i need it for the anxiety.  i see my psych later next week and he's suppose to up my wellbutrin sr to 350mg plus start to wean me off all the other ssri's and depakote i've been on.  i am nervous about weaning off the other meds because i know the agony that it can be.  i have a very difficult and responsible job and it's hard to cope when my heads all weirded out all day.  i'm sure a lot of you can relate!!  i'll update as things progress.  i'm praying about it every day.  wishing the best for all of you!!
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