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Stress Seizure?

My Husband Has had 4 grand mall seziures in the last 21/2 years with 2 of them occurring in the last 3 months.
After the first we did the whole range of tests mri, cat, eeg, sleep deprived eeg, and the neurologist found no cause.  My husband is a business owner and the pattern leading up to each seizure has been the same.  working extremely long hours(12-16 hours a day 6 days a week) and trying to relax by drinking several 4-6 beers every night.  I've done a little research on Psychogenic seizures (stress related) but what ive found seems to say only if brought on by child hood trauma.  Can regular old stress be what is causing my husbands seziures?
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from personal experience i would say yes to your question my mother has had easily 6 seizures since ive been born im only 18 now and am quite certain she had a seizure just the other day and im serious, when she gets stressed she losses her ability to walk, then speak, then think, and either passes out or has a seizure based on the degree of stress... a medical response to this would be most helpful because if things continue as they are im sure my mom will die before im even legal to drink.
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