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Symptoms Related ...?

I'm 36, 32 wks pregnant and enjoy relatively good health, save diagnosis of mild collageneous colitis. I would like your insights on the following, including possible treatment which is safe during pregnancy.

A recent echo revealed 1+ mitral and tricuspid, plus mild aortic insufficiency but an otherwise normal heart. My cardio plans to run further tests after the pregnancy, mainly to explore the aortic leak.

I'm experiencing daily pressure in the notch of my upper sternum that can feel suffocating at times. The sensation can range from mild to moderately-severe while I shower, lay down during the day or walk upstairs. I also have occasional PVC's and PAC's, plus superficial phlebitis in both legs which began during the second trimester. The palpitations were initially a concern until I learned of their harmlessness.

My doc' prescribed low-dose aspirin and Toprol, the latter which I refuse to take be/c of risk to the baby. I'm confident that I don't have clinical depression or panic disorder be/c I don't experience crying, lethargy, extreme anxiety attacks, etc. But I have become overly concerned with my health, especially after hearing my cardio express concern over the aortic insufficiency, and as I approach my delivery date.

My OB has put me on Lexapro and Ambien to help control the worry and occasional insomnia, but the feelings/sensations I described have become more acute, (although I am sleeping better be/c of the sleep aid). I'm confused as to whether my symptoms are related to some mental health prob, the pregnancy or valvular disorder or all three! And I'm concerned about taking Ambien with the Lexapro. They seem to contradict each other. Thoughts?

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Your worries are quite understandable and your symptoms are probably pregnancy related but exaggerated in mental representation because of your cardiac worries.

The best way to handle this problem is to get more professional and reliable information about what is worrying you and that is the aortic insufficiency. I think you will be pleasantly surprised because one plus and mild ai, to my knowledge, are not so bad in terms of having to do something about it other than prevention,i.e. antibiotics with teeth cleaning.

The echocardiograms today are so sensitive that they detect things that have no real clincial importance.  But explore this with a cardiologist and get all the information..That will be better than any combination of psychotropic medications.
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Will do. Thank you for your kind and supportive words. They have the power of healing.

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