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Taking Effexor XR and Remeron Together

Is there any adverse reactions to taking Effexor Xr and Remeron together.  I am taking 75 mg. Effexor Xr and 30 mg. Remeron.  I was on Zyprexa 5 mg., but have decide to go off due to irritability.  PS - I have used every anti-depression on the market since 1980.

Sometimes I would just like to throw away all my medicines and take nothing.  I await your reply.
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I generally favor throwing away all the medicines and figuring out how to make your life better. But the combination of these two drugs is not harmful, if that is what you need and what you decide.
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I hate interupting someone elses thread so i'll answer it first.

Granngroce- I think you should dump the anti-psychotics and only go with Effexor and possibly try an anti-anxiety drug such as Klonopin. Start very low dose may 1-2 mg before sleeptime. Anti-sychotics do cause anxiety and I personally am against them unless the person is not living in reality or hallucinating and so on. I don't think you sound that way off, at least not from the short post.

Now to our guardian angel [Carolb]. We have gone through this before on this forum where a new forum trys to conjure up new readers by sending all sorts of small simple tell nothing posts to attract attention to their forum. I hope [MEDHELP INTERNATIONAL] SEES THIS AND SENDS YOU ON A MISSION OF MERCY SOMEWHERE ELSE, THANK YOU.
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Thanks for your reply.  I appreciate it.  I agree with you stay away from the anti-physcotic drugs.
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