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Tapering down on medication

I'm posting this because I'm actually looking for a 2nd opinion. I've been on Zoloft since the end of May. 125mg was the max dosage I was on. My doctor is switching me over to Lexapro because he feels that I might have better results with the newer SSRI with less side effects. Zoloft has caused me to have some GI issues.  My doctor is using a taper down process of going from 100mg for five days then 75mg for five days then 50mg for five days then so on. Right now I'm at the 2nd day of the 50mg dosage. My questions are, Is this a good tapering off process and if he starts me on Lexapro when I'm done with the Zoloft, How long will it take the med to get on board. I know when he brings the lexapro on it will be at a 5mg dosage for the first five days. My concern is that I want to be covered while I'm switching over. I dont want to slip back into a depressive state or have any major bouts with anxiety.

Thanks for your help.
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That is a good tapering schedule, and he will probably start you on the lexapro while you are still on the lower dose of zoloft.
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It sounds like your doctor knows what he's doing.  Yes that's a good tapering off method.  However, you may experience some inevitable anxiety.  You may want to ask for a presciption for a kalonopin or xanax while you are making the switch.
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That taper sounds correct. I was on Lexapro for a few year and I tapered the same way. Lexapro takes about 2-6 weeks to take full effect so you may want to ask your doc about that time between. You will have something in your system though so I think most likely you will  be ok.

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