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Thermal melt-down

My wife has times when her body temperature drops incredibly low.  Its is shocking just how cold she really does get.  During these times, she goes totally MAD.  Mean, Violent, Vicious, and destructive to her self and everybody and everything around her.  Totally out of her mind, insanely *MAD*!  `Truly dangerous to be around.

  These times have been more and more frequent in the last 6 months, and when we talk to doctors about it, they scoff and give us some bull-crap, take tests, that come back normal, and we end up spending lots of money for absolutely nothing.

  This is not a made-up thing, she gets so cold that when she touches you, it is frightening.  And it only happens at night.  Never in the day period.  One of these days, she's going to end up killing herself, and maybe others along with her.

  Right now, just about ANY clue or hint would be very much welcome.
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It will be difficult for me to comment upon the probable cause of the drops in body temperature, but you might want to check if appropriate tests for thyroid function are done. A low functioning thyroid is often associated with low body temperature.

You might check if her body temperature falls below 35 degrees C, in which case, hypothermia can be investigated for.

What appears to be more important is the behavioral change during those periods of lowered body temperature. There have been reports of stress acting as a trigger for a drop in the body temperature. Identifying any sources of stress and/or anxiety might help reduce the chances of such episodes.

You might take some additional precautions such as carefully removing any objects that may be used for harming someone. I would suggest you measure her body temperature during such episodes, just to be sure the cold hands are not due to heat loss from excessive sweating.

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Hi I read your post.  This is interesting.  I really wonder if her mood changes because of her body temperature dropping or her mood changes and then her body temperature drops.  That would make more sense.  I have a dissociative disorder and severe ptsd and my anxiety gets the best of me sometimes.  My significant other sometimes notes the drastic change in body temperature when I have these little anxiety attacks, flashbacks, switch outs, dissociation and the latter.  I really wonder if she has ever suffered some kind of trauma in the past.  

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