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Unusual mother and daughter relationship

My wife and i have recently divorced and a big part of our problem was her mother.It seems like she has complete control
of my ex wife and she is an expert manipulator. on almost any major life crisis that my ex wife has had since childhood her mother has played a part in.The mother continually gives negitive
input to her daughter, that is she dosn't ever set her straight on any problem she has even though the mother is a Mental Health
professional (a Therapist, with Masters degree),and others also agree with me that something is very very wrong.I and others believe that she has and is being manipulated even through hipnosis(with Life regression that concluded she was raped when she was a teenager,  she is now 45). Her best friend from childhood to the present also agrees with me that she seems paranoid, and obsessed with topics like child obuse and that the two of them have a very unusual relationship where they are so close that no one else is allowed in(No Friends(.
Is their a mental disorder associated with a Mother who mentally (not physically)makes her daughter sick? And keeps her this way?
If so, please give me information on this disorder.Thank you for any help you can provide.
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Dear Jeo,

     Your ex-wife appears to be suffering from multiple problems, whether it is directly related to the upbringing by her mother is difficult to determine.
      There is a disorder known as Munchausen by Proxy, when a person, most likely a parent intentionally harms another person, inorder for them to be sick or ill.  Munchausen by Proxy is more common in persons in the health field (nurses) and the harm is more commonly medical (breaking a limb, ingestion of toxins...).  The psychopathology is unclear.  For this disorder to be in the setting of mental abuse is unlikely.
       Another possibility is Shared Psychotic Disorder. In this disorder a dominate person, with a psychotic disorder is partnered with a submissive, initially health person.  The submissive person begins to share in the psychosis of the more dominate one.
       Both of these disorders are extremely rare. In either case professionally intervention is imparitive. It is not uncommon for a child to be dependent on their parent, despite the pain the emeshment creates.  Perhaps family can encourage your ex-wife to seek counseling.  Best wishes



*Keywords: Shared Psychotic Disorder, Munchausen by Proxy
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