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Use of Marijauna and zyprexa, Neurontin, and Prozac

My wife is a rapid cycling manic depessive and she smokes pot. I am concerened about the long and short term effects of her use of pot, especially with the medications she is taking. She claims it helps slow her mania down, but I have not noticed any slowing effects. I have noticed loss of memory, loss of concentration ans slurred speech. I have been trying deperatly to get her to stop smoking the ****! But, she won't.

I love her very much and care deeply for her. I don't know what else to do other than notify her psychiatrist. Does anyone have any information about the effects of pot smoking in combination with antipsycotic medication and with people who are Bipolar?

Please help!!!!
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You definitely have a reason to be concerned. POT affects the very same brain chemistry that the other medications are trying to modulate and control. By self medicating, your wife is interfering with the best efforts of her doctors to find the right  combination and dosage for her illness.

I would encourage her not only to stop, but to inform her doctor about what she is doing, and how much. You might use this response as a method to talk to her about this...or you may have to tell her that you will talk to her psychiatrist on her behalf, in order to help.
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thanks for your reply. i have been trying to tell her the same thing you told me. we talked last night agian about it and she promised me she would quit. but, i am cautiously watching to see if she does. if she doesn't quit then i may have no choice but to talk to her psychiatrist. my wife would probably hate me, but if it helps her that is what is most important.
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dear frustrated
i have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and i smoke pot.
i agree with your wife it does help to bring the mania down.  the key is smoke only once a week or less.  I have not heard about any of the side affects or complications medically.
if you hear of some please write back
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Well you outsiders can talk all you want  about whats best for us guys in here. Well man at this moment I am in a manic phase of BP, you know the naughty hyper bit. Well I am well and truly self medicated as it were!!! am I smashing up the place NO I am chilling out with the keyboard, some chill music and taking an interest in my illness by surfing this website. like all "interested parties" you guys cannot hope to understand what makes us tick, and how. Get real your wifes suffering a hell you can only guess at, if this makes the bed dreams go away, leave her alone!!
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i too used to smoke pot almost hourly while i was on paxil , when i wasnt on any medication i would get a panic attack everytime i smoke pot. but while on paxil i could take it and it made me feel real good almost normal, but after awhile i been getting panic more often. and realized that pot does make it worse it may seem to help for the moment but in the long run everything will be worse , i know have quit smoking and am very glad i have. good luck with your wife, weed only makes it all worse in the long run.
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Alright.....I have just started smoking pot, I only do it once a or twice a week if that and I am on Prozac what kinds of effects should I expect?  Good or bad?  Thanks.
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I have a panic disorder... I'm on 40mgs of Paxil and smoke cannabis daily. I sleep well, don't have anxiety, eat well, can have an orgasm(can't without THC), and wake up very rested. Most if not all of my expeirenced side effects have dissapated. The chemisrty works for me!
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i have BP and right now i'm in the middle of a mania. i have been smoking pot several times a week for a few monthes now and don't let me forget to mention the number of meds i'm on. i'm trying to stop because things happen when I smoke, like i can lose my perception of reality among other things and from what i can tell it has worsened the mania even though it makes me feel better.
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