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Can Wellbutrin be safely combined with Buspar? I've taken both drugs individually, but never together.  The Wellbutrin works great to control overeating, increase energy, libido, etc., however, it makes me obsessive, anxious, and negative...which brings back the depression I originally took it for.  The Buspar works well to relieve depression and anxiety, but it increases my appetite and causes overeating. So, I'm wondering if I took a combination of both drugs, would it be safe, and possibly control anxiety, depression and the overeating?
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Both of these medications directly affect the same brain receptors, so it is very likely that there would be a cumulative effect that may be toxic rather than the supplemental effect you are hoping for. These medications are used to supplement ssri's because they target different receptors. They are not recommended to be used together.

In any case, you should only take these medications under the supervision of a physician. Prescribing for yourself is dangerous.
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does Buspar cause weight gain? I do not ever recall seeing that as a side effect.  I would certainly like to know though.
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I have taken Buspar along with Zoloft for over a year
I have had no indication of any overeating of any kind.
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buspar doesn't make you gain weight. If anything it is the opposite effect. You loose your appitite. buspar is an anti-anxiety med. makes you calm and relaxes you.
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Actually, they don't affect the same receptors at all.  BuSpar and SSRIs ultimately affect the same receptor (5HT1A), but through a different mechanism, and are therefore often used together because of their complimentary effects.  Welbutrin works on an entirely different neurotransmitter system, and is therefore commonly used as an adjunct because it does something neither SSRIs nor BuSpar can do alone.
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The response to Zoomergirl's question regarding wellbutrin and buspar in combination is completely innacurate.  Wellbutrin works on the noradrenergic and dopaminergic system through modulation and reuptake inhibition, and does not work at all on the serotonergic system directly.  In addition, it's effects are presynaptic, and not directly at the receptor level.  Buspirone, by contrast, is a serotonin 1a receptor agonist, directly stimulating that receptor. SSRIs also work on the serotonergic systems, but through pre-synaptic reuptake inhibition, and are therefore very commonly prescribed in combination with buspar because of it's complimentary and additive effects, and also with Wellbutrin because the mechanism and systems are wholly different and therefore may "add" additional mechanism to the treatment regimen. Wellbutrin and buspar combos are much less common, since both are primarily considered adjunctive therapies with regard to treating depression, and if there is a lack of efficacy and SSRI should almost certainly be part of the mix.  

In all honesty, the response couldn't have been less correct!
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