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Wellbutrin SR vs. Serzone vs. Celexa

I used to be on Prozac and asked my physician on switching to another anti-depressant because of sexual side effects.  So she added Wellbutrin with my Prozac, well I noticed that I got very agitated when I started this and told my physician and was put on Wellbutrin completely (no Prozac).  Well I noticed that I have become moodier, still agitated at times, and cry very easily.  I have been looking on the internet to study up on different meds and was wondering about Serzone, would this medications be better for me? or would Celexa?  Even when I was on Prozac I was moody also, I am sensitive and cried easily but since I'm on Wellbutrin it's worse.  Also one day I feel so good then the next I feel the world's coming to an end.  I know what my issues are to help me deal with my problems (low self esteem, I'm doing some reading on it) I have dealt with depression most of my life, also I used to be bulemic and when I was switching to Wellbutrin I was getting those feelings back again, like I just wanted to eat things like cookies and couldn't stop and felt like I wanted to purge, I have purged twice and felt awful and remembered how I felt years ago when I was dealing with bulemia.  I have read that people that were diagnosed with bulemia should not take Wellbutrin.  What could happen to me while taking Wellbutrin?  I will be going to my doctor in April to do a follow up on me and would like as much info to ask her.  I feel every time I went off the Prozac another episode of depressions comes along, will I always have to be on meds?  How can I find that out are there any tests to find that out?  I hope this isn't too long, but please can I have some advice?
Thank you for your time.

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      It appears from your description that the Wellbutrin SR is not helpful(keep in mind that you need to be on the medication at least 4 weeks to accurately assess efficacy) and that you had sexual side effects related to Prozac.
      Other medications such as Celexa may be helpful as it is similar to Prozac and may have less sexual dysfunction asssociated with it.  The only way to know for sure if a medicine will be helpful is to have a full 4 week trial at standard therapuetic dosages.  Please discuss this issue further with your treating physician.  
      Wellbutrin SR in general has no sexual side effects asssociated with it and often is helpful to treat medication induced sexual dysfunction.  Wellbutrin SR tends to be stimulating, may cause agitation, can suppress appetite but is typically well tolerated.  There is no absolute contraindication of using Wellbutrin SR in eating disorders but if it is used it should be done cautiously.  Hope this was helpful.



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I think I have been on every anti depressant on the market now, it comes down to what works for YOU, zoloft is the best out of the bunch for me, but I think it was contributing to heart palpitations, once I stopped...the palpitations stopped. Welbutrin gave me anxiety attacks as with many others, but it works well for many. It's a game, you have to just play it out until you find the right combination. I am very frustrated now beacause I don't think I have another drug to even try...
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I have read that Celexa is good for anxiety, depression and bulimia. I have not been on it long enough to see if it stops any of these problems I currently have but the side effects are minimal so far.
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I have been on Celexa for about 2 months.  It has been amazing!!  I do have some slight difficulty with orgasm.  It takes a little longer but now I am experimenting with adding a slight amount of testosterone.  This has already seemed to improve things.  People are always commenting on how pleasant I am.  My pms has drastically improved.  My anger and temper is non existant.  This is something I have been dealing with for my entire life.  I love it
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Yes, you need to try what works best for you.  I've had good results from Serzone.  As with any, you have to experiment a little bit to get the right dosage for you and stay on it a few months before giving up!  I sleep well if I take the entire dosage before bedtime and very little sexual problems.
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