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Wellbutrin Symptons

I just started taking Wellbutrin XL 150 just over a week ago for Depression and Adult ADHD... i dont know if any of these symptons are common... but ive been having hot flashes, loss of appetite, explosive anger episodes (especially in traffic), and im still unable to concentrate. My depression has subsided mildly, but im not sure if this is going to help my ADHD at all... it feels like its escalating. Do any of these go away after the first few weeks? or should i consider taking an ADHD stimulant in addition to Wellbutrin?



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Those are tough side effects to live with...ask your doctor about taking you off the xl and lowering the dose to see if you can acclimate to the medication without these side effects...you may have started too high.
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Give it at least a month. The side effects will probably lessen and the antidepressant effect takes, some say, two to six weeks to kick in.

The loss of appetite will probably stay with you for as long as you take the medicine.

As for the ADHD, I'm afraid I have no experience in that area. Consult your physician.


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