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Wellbutrin XL and Anxiety

I'd like to hear from those of you who have taken Wellbutrin XL for anxiety disorders and how it worked for you. If you have/had anxiety along with something else, like depression, that is okay, too. I just want to know how Wellbutrin XL has worked for the anxiety.

My doc told me that Wellbutrin XL will WORSEN anxiety because it pretty much increases adrenaline in your brain. I have started taking it, along with the 30mg Paxil daily, and I like the energy and decreased appetite. Paxil caused me to gain about 40 pounds in about 9 months.
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Your doctor is right, it increases your adrenaline, but it some cases that is what is needed, and if the combination is working for you, you should continue.
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I've been taking Wellbutrin XL for almost 3 yrs.  Previously I took Effexor XR for 5yrs.  I feel that the Wellbutrin has provided many positive results, however it does not help with anxiety and I have begun taking Xanax ER which has helped decrease anxiety, but it is still an issue.  My largest concern is that a few months after I started taking the Wellbutrin XL, my allergies increased significantly and I developed moderate to severe persistant asthma and take a ton of meds to try to control that. My quality of life has been greatly diminished, I was active in martial arts, enjoyed a lot of time in the outdoors and all of that is gone.  I am 43 yrs old.  I've recently been wondering if the Wellbutrin, since I've learned on this website that it increases adrenalin, is having an adverse reaction on my asthma?
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My apologies to Mikeoo7, I've never posted to any website before and I meant this to be a question to the Doctor and entered it incorrectly.
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I was on welbutrin xl for about a year while I was pregnant and breast feeding. I wasn't a big fan but it wasn't because of hightened anxiety. Actually I guess the reason I didn't like it was because it didn't seem to help anything and it kind of felt like I was too blah to react to anything. I guess I didn't really have "episodes" of anything while I was on it but I just kind of felt like a zombie. Anyway my anxiety seemed to stay exactly the same. I hope this helps.
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