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What to do when nothing works

II have a loved one that has been diagnosed with everthing since childhood, ADHD, Tourettes, OCD, Chronic Depression, PTSD, SIB (which was never treated) Now Bipolar, and some neurological based problem.  IThey have taken every SSRI that exist before the age of 25, Seroquel caused extreme weight gain as did Anafrinil but when being taken off of it they say they cannot sleep.  Ambien caused aggitation.  Abilify does not seem to work. Benzodizpines have not been prescribed and the doctor says the clinic does not prescribe them, but does not say why.  Therapy is never prescribed!

Halodal caused severe adverse reaction as did depokote.  I feel like I this person has been a psyciatric guinea pig for the phamacutical copanies and doctors and is loosing faith in the psychiatric profession.  The Obsessive Thoughts are really botherson to this person, but they say nothing works, wilbutrin causes aggitation, and cymbalta does not seem to do anything.  I known this person has had periods they took their meds and still had problems.  

There must be a peice of the puzzle that is missing in how psychiatrist choose to  prescribe a medication like seroquel and watch someone with depression put on over 100 pounds and not consider the effects of being more overweight on mental health also!

Where are the best psychiatist or neuropsyciatrist clinics in the US for someone with limited income to get the right diagnosis but more important the right medication, because they are not in this city!

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you have the answer in your question...your friend needs therapy, not another medication.  Instead of seeking help outside of your area, try a different approach....try looking for psychologist or socail worker who has experience doing therapy with the kind of person you prescribe...go to local medical school, and ask there as a way to start...
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Nothing really works for me either. I have no income at this time and an M.D. recommended me to a walk-in psychiatric clinic for people with little or no income. I am too sensitive to anti-depressants. I have been trying them for 14 years. One did help but continued to cause me a problem and I had to stop taking it.I take an anti-anxiety drug but doctors don't like patients to stay on those very long. The only thing that I have left is therapy and I will not be able to get in to them until May. I am scared that nothing can help me and I will be dependent on this med my whole life. I cannot relax on my own. There are a lot of challenges getting the right help which I have never really found. All I can say is don't give up.
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